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Massage shower head

Updated on July 16, 2011

Find a new luxury in shower! Now, showering isn’t just for cleaning yourself, it’s also for massaging as well. Massage Shower heads are available these days, which are meant to give you a soothing feel when in shower.

Let the warm water relieve down and give you restful feeling as you take a shower. You can have your massaging shower experience at the morning when you go to work, or at night before you go to sleep. Modern shower designs gives off higher shower pressures that gives you a filling of being fully cleansed.

Get a different sensation from your usual shower with the massage shower head. There are many varieties to choose from, colors and styles that could blend your bathroom.

Massaging shower heads use water pressure forced through a diverting valve to create one or more pulsating water actions. In many cases, users have a variety of pulse pressures to choose from. These massaging showers have different settings which can be changes according to the user’s liking. These shower heads have massaging actions that can be converted to a normal shower flow.

How is it different from Standard Shower Heads? Simple. Standard shower heads do not have the same adjustable settings as a Massage Shower head.

Modern Massage Showerheads in five settings

These showerheads have five different settings to choose from: hard champagne, which is the standard showerhead spray, soft champagne— a softer standard spray pattern, aerated bubble streams, pulsating massage and a combination, a mix of two sprays. Some special Massage Showerheads features no clogging spikes. This is the types that you can adjust the showerhead to the soft champagne spray setting and the spikes poke out from the showerhead pushing out hard water build-up and debris.

Massage Showerhead in six settings

Aside from the pressures stated below, this showerhead has other features in it. The pulse pressure is a combined setting of the outside spray with the pulsating clusters. This setting is great for rinsing your hair while still getting the overall rain-like coverage of the spray channels.

Now, the special sixth setting for this massaging showerhead is the Turbo Pulse. It is the pulsating spurt setting on a higher velocity. This is good to use for those with aching body parts. Enjoy this warm and soothing massage while focusing on a particular body part. Mostly, units up to 2800 pulses per minute.

Here is a list of companies that started the revolution on having massages on shower:

Niagara chrome earth showerhead line.

Niagara chrome earth started this massaging showerhead line. They combined a hydro massaging system that gives you a feeling of having your own spa in your bathroom. Settings can be changed according to your liking, like how to control the water flow and the variety of the pressure that will come out.

Dornbracht Just Rain

Kohler Watertile Rain

Bossini Flip shower waterfall or Rain

Glass shower head from Ritmonio

Speakman shower heads

There are many more companies producing this type of shower heads.  Try out having the experience of a spa in your home and enjoy the relaxing pleasure of an invigorating shower massage.


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    • restrelax profile image


      6 years ago from Los angeles CA

      Nice hub.

    • SakiSan profile image


      8 years ago from Kansas, United States

      Great Information!


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