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Mastectomy Swimwear

Updated on August 24, 2015

Mastectomy Swimwear That Is Both Comfortable and Flattering to YOUR Body Type

This season's collection of post mastectomy swimsuits and swimwear is not just more attractive than in previous years but you'll notice that many prices are lower so that they are more affordable.

This swimwear season you'll find tankinis, monokinis, bathing suits with shorts and skirts in addition to the standard one-piece.

Many have ultra flattering details that help hide a bit of a bulging tummy or cover up heavier than you want thighs.

Whether you are looking for swimwear for your home pool, local beach, exciting cruise or a trip to an exotic Island, you'll be looking and feeling you best with this year's collection of post-mastectomy swimwear.

Why I decided to do a Page About Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

Just a few years back I went for my routine annual mammogram and it reminded me of how lucky we are to have such advancements in health screenings compared to years past.

Back in '55 or '56 (I'm not sure which), my grandmother noticed a lump in her breast and went to her doctor. With her doctor also feeling the lump it was decided that she have a radical mastectomy.

There was no biopsy of the lump so it is quite possible that the lump was benign however the radical surgery was performed. If you are not familiar with a radical mastectomy, it is when not just the breast is removed but also all the surrounding muscle.

Fortunately most mastectomies today do not remove the muscle and enough tissue and skin is left so that there can be reconstructive surgery. But back in the day it was considered good practice to remove as much of the surrounding area as possible.

After the surgery, grandma went through many round of radiation. Again radiation at that time was at different levels as they are now, so if you know how uncomfortable radiation is now imagine, going through this 50-60 years ago. As my Mother once told me "Grandma was basically burned down to her rib cage", yet grandma never let on to us kids that she was tired and hurting.

Grandma eventually had to give up her volunteering for Rockaway Point Fire Department but she still would take my brother and I to the beach whenever we were there. And living on Rockaway Point was living on the beach - the ocean on one side and the bay on the other all within a few minutes walk.

My brother and I still talk about how much we loved visiting grandma as we spent most of our summer at her small beach cottage.

Although, I was only 6 at the time I was sitting with my Mom when she received the phone call that her Mom had passed away due to pneumonia. The radiation had made grandma so weak and her immune system was compromised that pneumonia had only taken two days to kill her.

I still tear up when I think about different this would have been had today's medical technology been available back then. We never even knew if grandma even had cancer. It's possible that we could have enjoyed her for many, many more years.

I am now a little older than grandma was when she passed away, and on my recent mammogram they found a few "undetermined spots". This got me thinking of grandma and how lucky we are today and wondering how my story will play out.

I have a history of malignant melanoma and luckily it was caught when early enough and although my lungs show spots and trails on x-rays, they have not changed in 10 years and I'm hoping that since I do go for regular mammograms this too will turn out to be just some type of benign spots. --Update 7/10. We have lost our health insurance and I don't have the $1895 a month that it will take just to cover me so whether or not the spots are benign I won't know. It scares me to think that I could have breast cancer now and can't afford insurance to find out. So until we can either find a job where the insurance is affordable (yes, we have been actively seeking work- my husband has been looking for over 2 1/2 years) or win the mega millions from Publishers Clearing House I'll never know or will find out when it's too late.

update 3/11 - I still don't have health insurance and almost every night I wake up at stare at the ceiling and wonder am I alright and the lumps are benign or am I slowly dying. I do try to stay optimistic but it is very hard at 3:00 AM when you mind goes a wandering.

-- It's now 2014 and I have a full time job and finally have health insurance. Since it has the preexisting clause I have 1 more year before I can get another check up. However, I feel good so I am thinking that maybe it's just a scare and nothing big to worry about. Just 1 more year to go.

-- Major update - August 2015 - excellent news!! Just got the results from my mammogram last week and I am not only totally free and clear or any traces of cancer but the lumps are totally gone!! This is such a relief and years of worrying are for now over.
This year I have had two friends have different forms of cancer and it takes such a dramatic toll on the body, mind, spirit and full circle of friends and family.
I do wish everyone the absolute best of luck when going for any type of cancer testing.

Going through old and very faded photos I can see grandma in her bathing suit, without inserts or any reconstruction or prosthesis and it got me thinking and decided to create this page in tribute to my Grandma.

mastectomy swimwear, mastectomy bathing suits
mastectomy swimwear, mastectomy bathing suits

Why You Should Choose Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

While having a mastectomy is a painful process both physically and emotionally there comes a time when you are ready to enjoy life again.

And while going back to work and doing your normal tasks and chores is hard at first you do find that getting over the self-confidence issue isn't as difficult as you may have thought it to be.

Then comes the day of dread when you first put on your swimsuit. While slipping into a bathing suit while difficult for almost every woman can be even more so after your surgery.

When trying on swimsuits you may feel quite uncomfortable and once you hit the beach or pool you may feel as though everyone is looking at you.

However, when you choose a swimsuit that is designed specifically for women who have had a mastectomy, heading out on the sand can be so much more relaxing.

Post-mastectomy swimwear is designed with you in mind. Between specific design changes to help accentuate your body, to accommodate a prosthesis (if you choose to use one) and higher under arm area to cover up scaring, the post-mastectomy swimsuit will help you not just look good but feel confident.

As you look at the swimwear on this page you will notice that none of the them shout out "hey this is a mastectomy swimsuit" but they look just like any other stylish beach wear and only you will know.

If they are looking at you it's because you look good - flaunt it!

To find a large selection of the latest styles ans excellent prices visit --> Mastectomy Swimwear at Amazon. I think that you will be quite impressed.

Remember to Use Sun Screen

It's all great that you're ready to head out to the pool or beach but please remember to wear a good quality sun screen.

Lather it on good and lather it all over and don't forget your scalp.

The skin on your scalp is very delicate and will easily sunburn without you realizing it.There is a very high incident of skin cancer of the scalp so please lather it on.

If you are concerned that your hair will look greasy - don't - it may look wet like you've been in the water and it can actually work as a hair conditioner.

Would you like to leave us and our guests any parting comments? - We would love to hear from you!

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    • nebby profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from USA

      @Gypzeerose: Thank you for your comments and the blessing. In 4 months our insurance coverage will have hit the one year mark where preexisting conditions will be partially covered. At that time I'll finally be able to find out whether the issues found are just benign what evers and then I can look back and take a long relaxing breath.

      Thank you again.

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 

      5 years ago

      People say such bad things about "Obama-Care"- and then they read stories like your. We have the money for basic health care in this country, it is just a question of distribution. Best of luck to you. Call the American Cancer Society and see if they can help you get a free mammogram in your area. My sister had ovarian cancer and she was uninsured, and she was able to get treatment through charity hospitals. Blessed.

    • mj11769 profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice lens.....good luck to you also.....may you get insurance soon......

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very informative and had no idea there would be such history of your family to read in here. Sad she had to go that way. Very thankful for newer technology for medicine. Pray you stay healthy and that one of you guys get some insurance. :)

    • SandyORiley profile image


      7 years ago

      What a great and helpful site!


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