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Mix and match colors with confidence and look fabulous everyday - tops, pencil skirt, pants and more

Updated on October 26, 2011

Mix and match pieces in your wardrobe can be a daunting task. Most women have a closet full of clothes in every color imaginable to the human eyes. It is a fine art to pick out the appropriate clothing with the proper colors to look fabulous everyday. This hub is all about mixing and matching the pieces in your wardrobe so that you don't look weird in other people's eyes.

Black and white – this is a very easy rule that everyone can follow. You can match a white top with either a pair of black pants or a black pencil skirt. Instantly, you will look chic and appropriate. The black pants and black pencil skirt are wardrobe essentials that every woman should have in her closet. It will go with lots of things which I will explain in more details below. When in doubt, you should always go for your white shirt and black bottom for the day.

Black and other solid colors – as I have said before, black is a very versatile color that tends to match with lots of colors (except pastels). Here is what you can wear: black with red, black with purple, black with dark green, black with bright yellow and etc. What you should do is wear black as your pants or skirt because black is a slimming color which will make the extra pounds on the waist and thighs disappear. A colored top will draw attention to your face and make it look brighter. Basically, colored tops and black bottoms are some of the easiest ways to look fabulous effortlessly.

Neon colors – there are some days where we just want to wear something very bright. If you pair neon colors with other bright colors, you will look very weird and maybe a giant neon sign. You should always pair a neon colored top with a pair of black pants or pencil skirt. It will tone the neon color down and still give you that daunting look that you are going for.

Browns and other earth tones – these colors tend to match with a lot of colors including other browns / earth tones. Beige top with brown skirt can look very good for almost all skin tones and occasions. Pale yellow top with brown pants or skirt is an appropriate outfit for a day in the office.

Match similar colors – Many similar colors can be mixed and matched in your wardrobe to create an appropriate outfit for the day or occasion. You can wear a light blue colored top with a dark navy pants. It will look very appropriate wherever you go.

Pastels with neutral colors – Pastel colors such as baby pink and pale blue should not be matched with black. You can match black with everything else except pastels. It is also good to wear pastels for the spring and summer. Baby pink tee will look amazing with beige colored shorts and a pair of natural colored leather sandals. Pale blue should be matched with light or medium gray with light brownish sandals.

Patterns – There are lots of clothes in our closet with some patterns. In general, you should avoid matching patterns with other patterned items. For example, a polka dot top should not be match with a pair of plaid shorts. Instead, just go for one pattern. A white shirt with pink polka dots can be matched with a brownish shorts for a very sophisticated feminine look. How about that daring leopard print that you love so much? Only one leopard print item per outfit should be the rule to keep in mind. Leopard print flats can be matched with white top and black pants. You will look fabulous instantly!

leopard prints should only be used once in the outfit.
leopard prints should only be used once in the outfit.
black with purple is very cute!
black with purple is very cute!


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