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Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Women

Updated on July 17, 2015

Costumes for Pregnant Women

You don't want to miss out on the fun of Halloween, all because you are pregnant. Heck, you don't want to miss any costume parties in those 9-months all because you have nothing to wear that fits.

There are costumes for pregnant women ready to go and that you don't have to bother making yourself. Unless you and your man want to go dressed up like a bra (courtesy of the pic above :) All you have to decide is what type of costume suits your personality..and mood.

Whether you are looking for a funny costume, a cute costume, or a sexy costume, check out these top 10 Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Women.

1. Maternity Pumpkin Pie Costume

You will look sweet as pumpkin pie in your Maternity Pumpkin Pie Costume!

Dress up in this adorable Jack-o-Lantern costume for your next Halloween.

Pumpkins are supposed to be nice and round, so this costume fits perfectly for your purpose.

This is a great Halloween Costume for Pregnant Women, but there are more to choose from below!

2. Maternity Pirate Costume

Think of this pirate costume as one that commands respect!

This Maternity Pirate Costume features a pirate shirt with attached vest and sash, pants with attached boot tops, and matching pirate hat.

Have your family join in and create the perfect pirate family for Halloween.

3. Pregnant Soccer Mom Costume

Everyone will know who the fun mom is in the bunch!

The costume is a printed soccer dress and red visor, and comes with a matching whistle and pregnancy pad.

The Pregnant Soccer Mom Costume is a great maternity Halloween costume for newly pregnant women.

4. Witch Maternity Costume

It's that time to fly on your broom in front of the full moon..or just look like you're going to!

This Witch Maternity Costume includes a black dress with nest sleeves and jewel accent, and the matching witch hat..of course.

This mommy-to-be costume allows you to dress up for Halloween without any excuses.

5. Bun In The Oven Pregnancy Costume

Humor your friends with this "Bun in the Oven" Pregnancy Costume!

Witty bun in the oven costume features one-piece tunic with screen-printing and arm cutouts for easy movement.

Costume size dependent on how big your "bun" is growing, so perfect for newly pregnant ladies.

6. Mommy-To-Be Angel Costume

Look like heaven in this Mommy-To-Be Angel Costume!

This angel costume is made up of a white satiny dress, angel wings, and a halo.

Glow in this Halloween angel costume that makes any mommy look beautiful.

7. Nurse Maternity Costume

You can still go as a nurse for a sexy nurse!

This mommy-to-be Nurse Maternity Costume includes a white dress with pinstripe accents, a hat, and a name badge.

A nurse outfit is a great classic, year-round costume too.

8. Maternity Pink Fairy Costume

You'll feel and look beautiful in this lovely Maternity Pink Fairy Costume!

This costume is a pink dress that has beautiful wings with flowers, and a floral headpiece.

You just have to decide if you want to be a cute or sexy glowing fairy.

9. Hillbilly Bride Costume

The Hillbilly Bride Costume is perfect for Halloween!

This costume is a white crushed velvet and lace bridal dress, and comes with a veil with attached pigtails.

It also comes with an inflatable tummy which is perfect if you're not too big just yet.

10. Mommy-To-Be Devil Lady Costume

You'll be a spicy mom in this Mommy-To-Be Devil Lady Costume!

The dress features a jagged pattern along the neckline and shoulders, giving it a fiery, devilish look. An ornate gold brooch with faux ruby gemstones is included, along with a red sequined head band of devil horns.

You'll have enough fun for two in this devilish costume.

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