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Best Photo Memory Bracelets

Updated on March 25, 2013

Photo Bracelets To Remember Our Loved Ones

Memory bracelets can be there to remember us of loved ones that are no longer with us or to help us remember the family and friends that surround us. They are a great way to keep special memories and photos close by, making great gift for those we love.

Memory bracelets do not have to be just photos cut out and put in a piece of jewelry either. Get creative and make one piece of jewelry a original art piece just by picking out the right photos and how you place the pictures into the frames or locket.

Cut Photo for Memory Bracelet
Cut Photo for Memory Bracelet

Photos For Memory Picture Bracelets

What Photos Should I Put In My Memory Photo Bracelet?

Photos in memory bracelets tend to be small so you will be very limited in space. Many times the photo you use in your photo memory jewelry is more important then the locket or frame jewelry you use.

A good photo will be focused head shots, A black and white photo usual looks best in photo in a locket or frame on jewelry because black and white photos have the contrast that makes small photos stand out.

Photo Stretch Bracelets - Best Photo Memory Jewelry

A stretch photo braclet is a great alternative to a photo chain bracelet because you do not have to worry about clasping it and it fits around a wrist easier. A stretch bracelet is not just easier to put on it is also pretty comfortable to wear.

Photo Memory Bangle Bracelet From Etsy

Photo Bangle Bracelet
Photo Bangle Bracelet

It may show through a bit that I am a huge fan of Etsy. I just love how bright the images show up on the bracelet and believe it would really stand out. The same crafter also makes photo bracelets that are smaller and have watches on them. Find more about how to get one of her masterpieces here..

How Do I Make My Own Memory Photo Bracelet?

If you can not find a memory photo bracelet you like why not make your own. With a small trip to the craft store you can find supplies you need to make your own.

Dangle Charm Bracelet With Mini Photo Frame Charms
Dangle Charm Bracelet With Mini Photo Frame Charms

Dangle Charm Bracelet With Mini Photo Frame Charms

When I think of charm bracelets I think of a plastic plastic bracelet that I got as a Dime Store as a kid that had plastic charms of all sorts of fun shapes. While this bracelets made out of metal it certainly does have a bunch of fun shapes.

If you make the bracelet your self you can add as many photo frames with photos as you want along side charms that you of fund memories. To find more about the bracelet go here.

Make Photo Bracelet
Make Photo Bracelet

Make a Wide Photo Memory Bracelet

With shrinkable plastic and the right jewelry hardware that can be found at the local craft store this wide base photo bracelet is pretty east to make.

It may couple of hours to make if you have never made your own jewelry before.

To find out how to make your own and find the right supplies go to

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