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Men And The Pink Colour

Updated on November 27, 2013

Pink And Men

Pink and mens, sound a bit weird to somebody.As we all know the pink is more synonymous to the female mostly.Here is not the place to fight wherether the pink colour is belong to whom correctly. For me pink is beautiful not beutifool.I'm a men so i think no men will look at me just like they look at female.LOL..

For your information me myself just started to wear a pink cloths lately.Previously i'm so scare to wear any kind of clothses related to pink colour.I started to wear pink colour clothses while after a got a present from my wife. She told me that i'm look more gourgous when i'm wear the custume related to pink.Seriously speaking i'm not a pink color fan,my colour is green.

men and the pink colour
men and the pink colour

Choosing Pink Is Not A Dilemma

Sometime choosing pink is a dilemma for a mens,are which colours go together and compliment each other and more importantly, which colour combinations to avoid.

Once you have established a few good colour matches, you can break out of the traditional dull and become a little more adventurous towards colour, which can add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe.You will need to consider pink as well as your colour of chooice or unless you are willing to spent whole life wearing the monochorome clothses in colour.

When considering your pink colour options, be aware that there are different types of colour variation, for a better idea you would need a colour wheel, which will give you a great guide to combining your colour scheme.While you should be able to quickly grasp the combination of similar colours, complimentary and contrasting may be slightly more difficult. If you've looked at your wheel and you are still unsure, there are some simple combinations to start you off.

Enjoy This song

Take It Men

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Straight Men Think Wearing Pink Will Make Them Look Gay.

pink hero
pink hero

Many men will refuse to wear pink clothing such as a pink shirt because the colour is associated with femininity. To put it more bluntly, straight men think wearing pink will make them look gay.

They could be embarrassed to wear pink when their mates are around or out in public. Perhaps one factor in determining that pink isn't for boys is the way we dress babies and young children - blue for the boys and pink for the girls. A definite rule etched into society. And I imagine very few parents, in-fact hardly any, would break and dress their boy in pink.

Pink is now quite acceptable for men to wear, and a shirt is a great piece for men to wear in pink. Why? Because the tshirt is a manly, masculine, sporty garment so ideally for the guy who is nervous about adding pink to their wardrobe.

It's not just clothes where you are seeing the colour pink, other thing has different ranges of pink items and standing out are the bright pink watches that are on the market. For a more subtle look there are paler pinks in various ranges of tshirts and etc.

If we a men cannot commit to a more subtantial things,just start small,like tie and etc.

Let Talk About Pink And Men

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      thinking with pink lol

    • dahlia369 profile image

      dahlia369 6 years ago

      Light pink looks nice on guys :)

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 6 years ago from Vermont

      My husband wears a few pink shirts - not hot pink, more like salmon color. But he does get comments about the pink shirt from other men. Not a problem, except for THEM.

    • profile image

      VoodooRULEs 6 years ago

      I like the open mindedness, but I'm still not wearing pink!

    • mettnaka profile image

      zainolzamir 6 years ago

      @viscri8: pink suit to those who is confident enough to wear it...

    • viscri8 profile image

      viscri8 6 years ago

      Men are gorgeous when wearing pink! Only real men are confident enough to wear pink -- whether they are sexually oriented straight or gay.