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Men Manicure Services in New York Salons: 21st Century Men's Fashion

Updated on June 4, 2013

Manicure for Men

Starting from early 19th century, Manicure is still counted as one of the top symbols of status and aristocracy among the fashionable people. In the ancient period, royal family women used to polish their nails with various colors. It became most popular among the general people when Hollywood actors/actresses in the beginning of 20th century started to furnish their nails. Now a day, both men and women are being attracted by the fashion of painting, polishing and decorating nails, in fact, sometime it is noted that, men are quiet ahead in this competition of beautifying nails. So you can’t tell that Manicure is a women fashion. The truth is, the fashion is not a matter that depends on gender while it depends on your personal aesthetic sense and health consciousness.

Men Manicure in New York City

Spas and salons are the place where you can get Manicure service. Almost every spa in New York City provides this service. You can find a huge number of spas or salons in New York City those provide Manicure service for man and in last 2 decade, the number increased by double figure than before. Yet, the spa owners are experiencing urges from their clients of providing improved Manicure services. In fact in present days, Men Manicure in New York City has become so popular that spas are providing special services for men manicure. People are demanding variation in style as some chooses short nails with rounded edge, some prefers sharp edge, some likes to have colored nails and more on.

Why Manicure is Essential

Sometimes men feel ashamed to decorate their nails as people around them may react negatively or may say that “it looks ridiculous” or “manicure is for women”. But Manicure is not just all about fashion. It also represents your hygienic and aesthetic choice. Who likes to have a finger nail with dead skins and irregular shape - Nobody. A hand with fair shaped nails and neat & clean look is very important for a man whose hands are on constant display like sales persons, keyboardist, pianists, and card dealers. On the other hand, no body likes to shake a hand if it looks filthy and dirty. But it is not always possible for you to take proper care of your nails if you don’t have proper knowledge about it and manicure tools in your house. The spas and salons provide manicure services with an affordable price. For example, Dyanna Spa and Nail Salon, an award winning spa as the best nail salon in 2010 at Manhattan New York city, provides Manicure service at a very reasonable price starting from just 25$.

Safety and Cautions in Manicure

Manicure is a very sensitive process as it uses sharp edge tools like Nail clipper, Nail file and buffer, Cuticle pusher, Cuticle nipper etc. Careless use of tools and amateur manicurists may cause damage to your nails. As the spas use the same tools for several customers, it may lead to infection in your finger tips. So you should look for a salon or a spa that is very conscious about hygiene. The tools used in this service should be disinfected and cleaned properly before every use. The manicurists or aestheticians should use a pair of latex gloves and wash their hands with disinfectants before serving a client. Some famous and renowned Men Manicure service in New York provides disposable and onetime use tools. The government has imposed some rules and regulations for manicure service providers. So before taking your service, make sure that your manicurists is licensed from the local Board of Health or Department of Cosmetology.

So if you are thinking of anything with your nails, you should visit the best nail salons in New York City so that you can have a safe manicure service.


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    • Plarson profile image


      7 years ago from Alabama

      I wasn't aware of all this. Thank you. -Paul


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