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Men's Fashion

Updated on December 12, 2013

The Ultimate in Men's Fashion

Every man, regardless of their occupation, should own at least one suit. Furthermore, it should be a well made one, not one that was picked up at the local mall. Why? Because, there will be occasions in every man's life when he really needs to look his very best, and there is nothing that can compare to the look of a designer suit.

The Basic Levels of Men's Suits

There are three basic levels of men's garments. These levels are the bespoke, the custom made and the "off the rack" or "ready to wear". All of these types of suits can be purchased online at sites like

The Bespoke Suit

The bespoke suit or garment is the highest level of tailoring. Unfortunately, this level of tailoring is also the most expensive. A single suit will cost well into the thousands of dollars. At this level, the client works with the tailor to create the garment. This means that the piece will not begin until the client is on the premises. The actual design or pattern is made for the individual. Furthermore, all of the materials will be selected by the buyer on the advice of the tailor.

This kind of high fashion often requires that the customer have numerous fittings done throughout the manufacturing process. Additionally, the very best fashion houses will do almost all of the sewing and stitching by hand. These suits can take weeks to create.

The Custom Made Suit

This type of garment is also created after the client is on the premises. However, the client does not have any choice in regards to the pattern. Rather, the buyer will look at a number of pre-made styles and patterns and then select the one that they want to have made. Good tailors will at this stage offer the client a range of fabrics to choose from. The choice of fabrics may include both the suit material and the lining.

The Ready to Wear

This type of clothing is the most common. In this situation a person walks into a shop and selects a finished garment. These are the least expensive kind of suit or clothing to purchase. It should be noted however, that if you do purchase a quality ready to wear suit, it may require alterations in order to fit perfectly. Alterations may include things like shortening the trousers or the sleeves.

Bespoke Tailoring - Explained

Buying Your First Office Suit

There are hundreds of suits on the market. There are quality suits made of all different fabrics and prints. There are suits made of wool, and there are those which have been sewn using a fine cotton or linen. Some suits have bold patterns while others are crafted from plain fabrics. All of these suits might even come from the same fashion house. However, not all of them are ideal as a first suit.

Avoid buying anything which may be considered "trendy". Although, these garments are stylish now, they might be out of date as early as the following season. Try to stick to classic styles, which you will be able to wear for many years.

Stick to traditional colors. A salesman might try to persuade you to get something bold which reflects your personal taste. However, it is not a wise choice for your first suit, which will most likely be the one that you will need for job interviews etc. It is far better to stick to the dark blues and charcoals.

Purchase the best suit that you can afford. Although, you will probably not be able to have a bespoke suit made, you should at the very least try to get a brand name. It is possible to buy quality designer suits at discount prices. Many of these garments can be obtained online at sites like Shop High Roller.

Get a suit which you will be able to wear year round. A year round suit will need to be made of a medium wool or similar material. You should not pick light cottons or linens, which you will not be able to wear in the colder months. On the other hand, avoid the heavy wools which you will find extremely uncomfortable in the summer months.

The fabric that you select should be either a single color or an elegant pin stripe. Do not get anything that is made from a bold color or a flashy pattern. These kinds of materials are fine if you already have a few suits, but they are not a good choice for your first one.

Your Wardrobe

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What is a Super 100?

When you go to purchase a suit, you might notice the term super 100, super 120 or even a super 200 written on the garment's tag. This is an important number. However, it is one which is frequently misunderstood. Numerous people, including some salesmen, believe that this term is synonymous with the term thread count. There is however, a big difference between the two words.

Thread count is a number that refers to the number of strands in a given inch. It refers to both the vertical and horizontal strands of yarn. This term is often used to describe the material used to make sheets.

The term super 100, 200, 300 etc. refers to the yarn itself. When yarn is graded, it is stretched out. This is done to both judge how fine the strand of wool is, and to get an accurate measurement. This means that the higher the number, the farther the stretch of the yarn. In terms of the final cloth, higher numbers create softer, finer fabrics. Although, the fabric may be softer, it is not as strong as one which has a lower count. Suits which are made from lower numbers will be hardier and will frequently last longer and retain their shape and form better. Furthermore, suits made from high numbers have a tendency to stain easier.

When trying to decide which number you should choose, you should think about how often and where you will be wearing your suit. If you are buying a suit which you will be wearing to the office frequently, you should think about buying a suit which is in the mid range. This range is also optimum for those people who are buying a first suit. However, if you are searching for a suit, which will be worn once or twice a year for extremely formal events, then you might want to get one of the highest supers.

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I'll bare this in mind when I'm applying for a job.

    • SimonJay profile image


      5 years ago

      Interesting i am thinking of getting a tight fit suit.

    • meloyelo profile image


      5 years ago

      Great video, bespoke suits sound like a lot of work! Great to have a custom fit.


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