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Tips For Mens Cornrow Hairstyles

Updated on August 24, 2011
Tom Kaulitz cornrows hairstyle.
Tom Kaulitz cornrows hairstyle.

Popularity of Cornrows Hairstyles

Mens cornrow hairstyles are some of the various styles a man can go for on opting for fashionable hairdos. A detailed analysis of this style and the various tips and care are as explained bellow.

This hairstyle for men is growing very first as fashion changes. They are braided hairdos woven close to scalp area. And it has various different fashionable make ups that can suit a man. Considering the male celebrities caught on camera sporting for cornrows. They are trying to add extra value and touch using bands or clips as hair accessories.

Men hairstyles are as fussy hairdos of women. Today they have a superfluity of choices when it comes to lining up their tresses. They do not prefer the old fashioned short, neat, blunt cuts and tidy, prudish and proper look. Demand for Salons for men has increased due increase in demand for this hairstyle by gents. Thus in the long run fashion matters allot for gents more so to make impression the opposite sex.

Star shaped cornrows.
Star shaped cornrows.

Techniques and Tips

The various, styles of cornrow for men, and the required care one needs to ensure that it remains as beautiful as possible and maintain its original look needs some professional advice, here are important techniques and tips that can help such an individual.

  • Ensure your hair is done by an experienced hairstylist. This ensures that one have a stylist outfitted with the latest skills, looks professional in terms of fashion and other aspects. One should carry a photograph of his favorite style if he needs a special kind of cornrow style. Many tress stylists often have a list of their works making it easy for a client to select his favorite fashion.
  • The shape of your face is considered in determining the kind of hairdo one can opt for. A style that enhances your personality is always desirable. For example, gent with a wide jaw line should always try to avoid opting for fashions that are short or wandered close to scalp. One should have long Hair in this case to ensure that the braids are tied backwards by a colourful band thus adding length of a round face.
  • Its design also depends on the artistic nature of the hairstylist and subsequent skills. In addition length of the hair should not be too short, it should be about 10 centimeter or more, thus allowing more flexibility enabling the stylist create various patterns. This hair style is not restricted to one style; these designs can be complex depending on the experience of different hairstylist and creativity of different people. Some examples are weave patterns, creative swirls, star shaped cornrows, geometrical designs, and others. You can see more examples in pictures on's cornrows designs.
  • The hairstylist should be extremely careful, since he or she owns a client duty of care and is expected to act according to specific standards that are expected of one in such a capacity. The hairstylist should be very gentle on making this style. An excessively tight hairdo can affect the scalp leading to hair loss this tips for mens cornrow hairstyles can help to keep up with fashion.


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