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Mens Dress Watches for Work and Party

Updated on July 27, 2013

Best Dress Watches for Men

What exactly are men's dress watches? Easy - they are discrete accessories which should complement a formal dress code. If you are attending any type of event or occasion where the dress code is leisure-casual up to formal, go for the classic, sober and distinguished watch and leave your shouting bling accessories at home.

This is NOT
a dress watch

Men's dress watches should not be a overly flamboyant or distracting.

Select a watch with no bells and whistles. Digital watches are a also no-no. Plastic or fabric wrist-bands also feel out-of place with a suit, and certainly do you no service with a tuxedo.

A conservative timepiece is what you wear with a jacket and slacks, a business suit or even casual sport fashion at the golf club.

Here are some suggestions on mens dress watches. Some are quite expensive but there is no need to go over the top and a affordable dress watch can be just as fitting as a high-end watch. For most of us, style and form factor are more important than price tag. Obviously, if you socialize with the affluent you will need to look at more exclusive brands (see editor's choice dress watches).

Intro image shows the Seiko Men's Dress Leather Strap Watch. This watch has a pretty small case making it very discrete and a perfect dress watch for young men and teens.

Skagen - Affordable Men's Accessory Watches from Denmark

Skagen is another brand that has a large collection of stylish yet discrete timepieces. This is a pretty inexpensive brand but the design style on most models is refined and a Skagen wears a lot better as a dress watch than most designer brands.

Huge is Not a Good Dress Watch Attribute

big wristwatch by bulova
big wristwatch by bulova

Mega Diesel
not for suits

A dress watch should be discrete and not distracting. The word huge does not fit in that definition and you want your wristwatch to be of a reasonable size, perhaps even smaller than you are used to.

Shown above is a actual customer image uploaded to Amazon by a buyer. As you can see, this is a very large wristwatch and although most buyers are perfectly happy with it, I would suggest a smaller timepiece for formal occasions.

Modern designer watch
Modern designer watch

Wrist Fashion - Men's Designer Watches?

Is a designer watch any good as a dress watch? I would say no because most of the designs I see from fashion brands are based on too much fluff and sold as fashion accessories, never mind the functionality or manufacturing principles. XXL for example is a current design trend (see below) with the only purpose of brandishing a bling item, reminds me of when everyone wanted to wear huge gold chains with

Once upon a time, you may have associated "designer" with exclusive, custom made, artist-designed stuff. That time is long gone.

The term designer has been hijacked by the marketing industry and is now applied to any item which needs a bit of sales help to reach the mass market.

There are a couple of exceptions you can find even in this category, with a few discrete models as shown below. If you like to wear the brands, then these are perfectly usable as dress watches.

Editor's Choice Men's Dress Watches

exclusive dress watches for men
exclusive dress watches for men

These five marvels constitute my personal dress watch wishlist. Out of these, the Ebel gets my top rating. I like the brand and they have several watches that invoke immediate respect. The one shown here oozes perfection through simplicity. Brilliant!

None of these are cheap and of the five shown, the Edox is the most expensive.

Seiko Black Sport Dress Watch for Men

Seiko Men's SKA366 Stainless Steel Two-Tone Kinetic Dress Watch
Seiko Men's SKA366 Stainless Steel Two-Tone Kinetic Dress Watch

Seiko is a quality watch brand that has been around for ages. The Black Ion watch seen here offers a perfect blend between discrete dressy, and sporty styling.


Claude Bernard Classic Watches

Claude Bernard has a large collection of fine gentlemen's watches that are not too expensive yet offer distinguished style with quality mechanics.

A Refined Gentleman's Watch by Claude Bernard

Claude Bernard Men's 23093 3 AIN Classic Gents Silver Dial Stainless Steel Watch
Claude Bernard Men's 23093 3 AIN Classic Gents Silver Dial Stainless Steel Watch

This is another watch that I would dearly have. The designers have really done a fantastic job of infusing a sense of tranquility while the sober style oozes discrete quality and class.

If you are collecting superb dress watches that separate you from the crowd, this is one of those.


A Classic Dress and Business Watch by Citizen

Citizen Men's BM8434-58A Eco-Drive WR100 Sport Watch
Citizen Men's BM8434-58A Eco-Drive WR100 Sport Watch

This is a nice classic wristwatch by Citizen which has a reasonable price tag on it.

This is a light powered watch. a full charge lasts for 180 days, but in use it gets charged continuously. The light is absorbed through the dial face.


Do you own more than one watch? Share your thoughts.

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