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The Best Beard Trimmer Reviews 2015

Updated on July 19, 2015

Beard Trimmers 101

There are many beard trimmers out there on the market and many of them are just simply not good products. Guys that have tried some of these products in the past have completely given up on trimmers in general, but they are actually missing out on some great benefits! I am here to dispel those negative perspectives on facial trimmers and provide you with three exceptional ones that you will have to own.

Three Vital Tips To Prevent Cutting Yourself While Shaving With A Beard Trimmer

One problem that I would say almost all men face when shaving with a beard trimmer is cutting themselves. Even when you have years of experience in razor shaving, it won't help you at all because shaving with a beard trimmer is very different. Well, the good news is that there are definitely some things you can do to prevent cutting yourself while shaving. I will give you three tips on how to do this, and you should pretty much follow them every single time you shave:

1. Take A Hot Shower And Exfoliate Prior to Shaving:

This is a key tip that makes a huge difference when shaving. When you take a hot shower and exfoliate, you open up your pores and let the hair follicles to be vulnerable to being cut easily, thus preventing you from cutting your skin. Before every shave, a hot shower should be taken and a basic face exfoliator should be used and you will notice a difference when shaving right away.

2. Go with the grain on the first passes, then against the grain for a smoother shave

Just like shaving with a razor, the same applies to a trimmer. Most men who try electric trimmers think that they can just go against the grain right away because they want to be quick when shaving. This will actually lead to cuts and bumps on your face almost every time. Go with the grain first, then on the second pass go against the grain for a smoother shave.

3. Patience is a virtue, especially with an electric shaver:

Another big mistake men make is this. The whole point of using a trimmer is the benefit you get of saving time with the tedious task of razor shaving. While it is a lot faster and requires much less setup, you still need to go slow when you are actually using the trimmer on your face. If you think you are going slow, go slower. Your face will thank you for it.

These three tips may look minor but they are actually essential in beard trimmer shaving. If you follow them every time, it is guaranteed to significantly reduce your chances of getting cut or burned while shaving.

3 Best beard trimmers of 2015

This year has already seen a consistent increase in males who are interested in grooming themselves to so that they can look and feel more attractive . If you are one of these men who wants to look better and allure others, you have to have the necessary grooming tools for doing so. Well this is article is designed to help you choose a beard trimmer, a very important tool in your grooming arsenal designed to groom your face.

Beard trimmers come in either cordless or electric options. They both have their negatives and positives, but either one will do the job if you pick the right trimmer. There are many bad ones to stay way from, and people fall into this trap of buying a poor trimmer and then throw it out after only a couple of weeks. Well, that trend ends now! Here are 3 of the best choices for facial trimmers on the market today according to http://malegroomings/the-best-beard-trimmer:

1. Philips Norelco QT4070 7100:

An overall great option and a safe one for most people. If you are looking for a reliable trimmer that has a great and respected name, then go for this. It continues to be one of the best ever, year by year. The vacuum system is just a marvel and it lifts it above the competition. Battery life is great, and it does not break down like most other products on the market. Price is in the medium side, but trust me this one can go for a lot more.

2. Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman:

This is one of Wahl's featured products. It has a six position beard regulator which works very well, and the price for this is very low. If you are on a budget, then this is your best choice for sure. It also comes with a handy travel pouch, so if you travel frequently for business purposes, this is a great choice. You shouldn't have any mechanical problems with this one as most reviews show. For the incredibly low price(under $15), this product is definitely a steal.

3. Panasonic ER-GB40-S Cordless Trimmer

The third product comes from the mighty Panasonic who has been around forever. This is another great choice for a beard and mustache trimmer and it includes 19 adjustable length settings. This can be quite useful when shaving different parts of your face, as well as providing a smooth shave for people of all facial hair types. It can be used both wet and dry so it is good for the sink and for on the road. You can use this with or without shaving cream as well, depending on how smooth you want the shave to be and how long your actual facial hair is. For example, if you have thicker and longer facial hair, you should definitely be using this product with shaving cream. The hypo-allergenic blades also make this a recommended choice for those with sensitive skin. The price of this one is in the medium side as well, and it is a great mirror to the philips norelco.

If you are still not convinced on these three trimmers, you can check out more in-depth reviews from Malegroomings to help you choose the best beard trimmer. You will have no doubts after, promise!

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How to use a beard trimmer

This video shows some great tips that should help you guys that either own or plan to buy a beard trimmer.

This is a great video showing you how to properly use a beard trimmer.

Two common issues that beard trimmers have

The vast majority of bad beard trimmers suffer from the same two issues. These issues separate the good products from the bad ones. When buying a trimmer, this is two things you should be on the look out for:

1. Battery life is weak and unstable: Unfortunately,a colossal amount of trimmers have this problem and it is one that makes using a trimmer a nuisance. The maximum time that a battery is charged on some of these products is only around 30-50 minutes. And the more you use it, the worse it gets. This means that sometimes when you really need to leave your house and you still have to trim your beard or mustache, the shaver isn't charged. This spells a huge and annoying problem for you.

2. Blades are either weak or too strong: Another vital problem that basically makes a trimmer completely useless. You would be surprised at just how many of them have weak blades that just simply do not cut hair. Others have too strong of blades and they leave your skin with shaving bumps and cuts. You do not want either of those, so this is a key focus when doing your research.

The best way to avoid these two problems is to read other people's reviews of the products and look out of them. If they say that the battery life is not consistently well, then it is best to avoid that product. Same goes for the blades, make sure that they are not too powerful because you can end up with some nasty rashes on your face!


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