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Mens Leather Cuff Bracelets

Updated on February 6, 2015

Cool Men's Leather Cuff Bracelets

Leather bracelets make a cool gift for men, especially the cuff style. Their thicker, larger style has a good masculine feel to them.

Leather cuff bracelets for men may conjure up images of pirates, gladiators, or other tough figures, which is maybe a large part of their appeal. Leather is rugged, long lasting, and frequently affordable. It suits many styles. Leather can be "edgy" or "grunge." It can be goth, punk, rock, outdoorsy or hippie. While certain bracelets certainly lend themselves to a particular style, many can fit several different looks all depending on how you wear it.

Historically leather cuffs probably protected a man's wrist in battle or perhaps even just "on the job" such as for blacksmiths protecting their wrists and arms from hot metal. In some instances though leather cuffs could prove to be restrictive or could catch on things, especially if they are decorative like many of the ones shown below. So despite their protective nature I doubt you'd find many construction workers wearing them on the job where they might get in the way and catch on things.

So nowadays they are mostly a fashion statement. And a good fashion statement at that when worn right by the kind of guy with the right style, personality or attitude for them.

Mens Genuine Leather Cuff Wrist Bracelet image Courtesy of

Rock star or pirate? Or something else?

These leather cuffs can bring several different images and styles to mind, especially depending on how they are used. You decide what these men's leather cuffs represents to you.

Some of these remind me of the year one of my guy friends dressed up as a pirate (ever since the Pirate of the Caribbean movies you know that has been popular for guys to do...who can blame them...and who can blame us girls for liking it).

Most of the selections below are actually simple in style. Solid color. A single, simple buckle (the exception being the cuff that is laced up with leather). So while they make a statement, overall most of these choices would be a more subtle statement, compared to something with a lot of metal "hardware" such as one with chains or spikes.

Neptune Giftware Leather Wide Triple Strap Cuff Wrap Gothic Wristband Buckle Fastening - DARK BROWN LEATHER
Neptune Giftware Leather Wide Triple Strap Cuff Wrap Gothic Wristband Buckle Fastening - DARK BROWN LEATHER

I really like the looks of this leather cuff bracelet that comes in either black or brown leather. It consists of one large band that has three buckles across it for both style and as a method of securing it to the wrist, making it adjustable to fit many sizes. The third buckle has a metal O-ring on for more style.


Leather Cuff Watches

Some watches have bands that are like cuff bracelets. So you get both the rugged good looks of a leather bracelet, with the practicality of a watch. Plus a lot of times the watch faces paired with the leather cuff adds to the tough or cool appearance, almost looking like part of the "hardware" of buckles and other metal pieces that may be part of a men's leather bracelet.

Choosing a watch like this is a good compromise to wearing just a leather cuff if you like their looks, but think wearing one isn't quite right for you. Or you can wear a leather cuff watch on one wrist and a leather cuff that compliments it on your other wrist for double impact.

Leather cuffs are cool...but being comfortable with yourself is always the best accessory.

Accessorizing with Leather Cuff Bracelets

Bracelets are not something every man is comfortable with, even if they are made of something as rugged and masculine looking as leather. Wearing them takes confidence or nonchalance (frankly, you are indifferent to what people think of your clothing as long as you like them).

Some men worry what the guys will think, while others worry what girls will think. Frankly, I wonder if a girl turns up her nose at you simply for wearing a piece of leather on your wrist, rather than getting to know you, if she is worth your time. I suggest getting comfortable with the idea of wearing one, whether you eventually decide to wear one or not. Because in the end it is about being comfortable with you and not about the bracelet. As much as I like how men look wearing a cool leather cuff, being comfortable with yourself, no matter what you are wearing, is always the best accessory.

Leather cuffs often look best with a casual look, such as when worn with a pair of distressed jeans and a t-shirt and leather boots. Or mix it up with a bit of casual and something more refined such as crisp white, button-up shirt and jeans that look fresh and practically brand new. They can look good with shorts too.

Leather is relatively low maintenance. But getting your leather bracelets wet (even from sweat) can considerably alter the look and feel of the leather. So keep that in mind when buying one or wearing one.

Men's Leather Cuff Bracelets eBay

eBay can be a great place to find cool cuff style bracelets as you may find anything from handmade ones by artists or ones by fashion designers on sale.

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    • smine27 profile image

      Shinichi Mine 3 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      I am in love with that brown leather cuff.