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Top Tips For Mens Long Hairstyles

Updated on October 19, 2011
Rafael Nadal long hair with bandana.
Rafael Nadal long hair with bandana.

Long Hairstyles Have Become Increasingly Popular

In the industry of fashion, trends for men have changed from short and simple to popular mens long hairstyles. Getting the perfect haircut is important for both men and women in modern day society. Whether one opts for long flowing locks or a messy bed head style, there is a variety of chic designs for those interested in longer hair design.

Today many men are sporting a lengthier style and following the celebrity trend of a swept back look for increased sex appeal. Often bandannas and bands are used to keep hair away from the face but rarely are up dos featured in male styles. The longer look for men is certainly different from that of women and are often no longer than just past the shoulders.

The internet and magazines are the mediums used to obtain an idea of designs for a lengthier head of hair. Many individuals make use of products for increasing the volume of their locks for an enhanced appearance. With the increase in options of styles for men, many individuals are growing their hair for sleek and suave look.

Mens long hairstyles have become increasingly popular especially among younger generations. The range is endless and more often than not begins with a celebrity trend. Individuals are now wearing their hair with volume and free flowing, often for following a fashion trend or creating a unique identity.

Curly Hair

Increased length looks great on curly hair especially when cut into a stylish mane to suit the shape of the face. It is best advised to layer the curls for a softer appearance especially when wearing your locks naturally. The use of products designed for wavy hair and to control frizz will be able to maintain the appearance of your curls and add a desired shine.

Beach Look

A truly popular option among the younger male population is a beach look. To achieve this style, hair is often grown just past the chin and in one length with considerable time spent outdoors to obtain a sun kissed appeal. If one does not live in a sunny climate then the option of highlights are available as a natural looking enhancement.

When it comes to male highlights always opt for a really natural appearance. Avoid the use of home kits which include foil placement and mesh caps as the actual highlights will appear far too strategically placed, which is especially true if one desires a sun kissed beach style. For improved texture, sea salt sprays are often used on the mane.

Josh Holloway beach hairstyle.
Josh Holloway beach hairstyle.

Thick Hairstyle

For those who are fortunate enough to have naturally thicker locks, a great alternative to short or mid length styles is to grow it out. Framing the face through desirable layers will remove much of the weight of thicker hair whilst maintaining its length and adding a modern edge. Due to increased blow drying and application of heat for a straighter alternative, ensure that you use shine enhancing products to avoid a dry and brittle appearance.

Russel Brand hairstyle.
Russel Brand hairstyle.

Rock Star Hairstyle

Longer hair can be transformed into the ultimate rock star hairstyle. The trend has moved from the outrageous perms of the 70s and 80s to a slicked back straight strand where length is often on or just below the shoulders. Again layers are a popular alternative and it does not matter whether hair is slightly wavy or curly as an appropriate straightening balm can be applied for a sleek appeal. A great way to obtain a super straight alternative is through the use of straightening irons or similar items.

Rocker hairstyles.
Rocker hairstyles.


When using a flat iron it is best to protect the hair with an appropriate serum to avoid severe damage to the delicate cuticles. For a professional appearance, part the hair and begin the flat iron process from the back of the head to the top for an even result. To add extra shine to your locks, apply a wax to your hands and run through the strands from its top to the tips.

Remember that longer locks need not appear messy or become unmanageable. It is generally easier to maintain a style that is no longer than shoulder length and ensure that you regularly have your free flowing mane trimmed for a neat option. Longer hair does not mean that one is unable to use gel, on the contrary, a gel with a light hold should be used to keep the desired style in place.

With information pertaining to mens long hairstyles, one can create the desired style whether it be for following trends or for creating a fresh identity. Any design should be protected with appropriate products. Longer locks are certainly chic and trendy, with the correct cut for the ultimate stylish appearance.


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