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The Best Men's Pajama Bottoms

Updated on September 21, 2014

Finding The Best Men’s Pajama Bottoms

Are you looking for the best Men's Pajama Bottoms either for yourself or as a gift? Then you have come to the right place!

If you are buying for yourself, your partner or any individual of the male persuasion, then you will know that comfort is key when it comes to pajamas.

Men like to be comfortable, and if that means hanging out in their pajamas all day long then so be it.

Men's pajama bottoms come in a couple different varieties, all of which are very comfortable.

Below we will take a look at the various types of men's pajama bottoms available.

Men's Pajama Pants

These kinds would have to be the most popular of all the pajama bottoms. They’re the classic comfy pajama pants, usually draw strings and other times just a garter waist band.

Pajama pants are normally made of some kind of soft cotton fabric, but there are also those in the polyester and silk variety. They also come in many different designs and often are paired with a matching long or short sleeve top.

Boys never grow out of their pajamas and that’s why there are men’s pajamas.

Men's Pajama Shorts (also known as Sleeping Shorts)

Think of the pajama pants without the bottom half of the leggings. It still provides all the comforts of pajama bottoms but just in a shorter package.

They also come in drawstring and elastic band or garter waist bands. They’re just as functional and also come in a variety of styles.

The pajama shorts are preferable for those warmer weathers when the nights are so cool and you’d like to feel a little more breeze blowing your way.

Men's Boxer Shorts

To most, the boxer shorts would be considered underwear and that’s exactly what they are.

But they still provide the right amount of coverage and longer boxer shorts can easily pass off as regular shorts. After all, there’s nothing more comfortable than lounging around in your underwear all day long.

They come in cotton, polyester, and if you really want to be Mr. Fancy Pants, silk. Some men even go outside of their house in their boxers, although it’s not recommended especially on a cold and windy day.

Men's Boxer Briefs

These are the more form fitting types of boxer shorts that you’d probably want to only display in the privacy of your own home.

They still provide ample coverage (depending on the length) and they’re very comfortable to sleep in. Some say, it’s like wearing nothing at all. Again these are the type of pajama bottoms that would technically be categorized as underwear.

But if it’s comfortable and you can sleep in it then it can be considered pajama bottoms.

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