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Mens Rings: even guys can have fashoinable jewelery

Updated on July 16, 2014

Are rings good for men too?

Are rings something only for women?

It used to be that the only jewelry men would wear would be a wedding ring, if they were married. That day has come and gone.

It is now socially acceptable, and even fashionable for a guy to wear some great looking jewelry.

Personally I am not into earrings for guys, or even a lot of chains and necklaces. It just isn't my personal, "thing". I do think that 1-2 rings for men, or perhaps even more, depending on the fashion, is a pretty good look.

Maybe you are looking for a ring as a gift for a guy you know. Maybe you are checking out some styles for the ultimate guys ring: the wedding band. Perhaps you are just looking to see what is popular in guys fashion's these days when it comes to jewelry. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for here.

Skull Rings for Men-Jewelry
Skull Rings for Men-Jewelry

Skull Rings and other "biker" type rings

Skull rings and other rings that seem like part of the "biker" type culture are extremely popular these days. It is a certain fashion and look that every single guy may not be able to pull off, but when they do, it looks pretty darn good.

This is one of these biker type ring fashions that I think looks pretty awesome. I like the Bullet clenched int he jaw of the skull as well as the cubic zirconia eye. It looks pretty badass and this stainless steel band is not a bad price. A great accoutrement for trying to get that "biker" or "rockstar" look going.

"Rockstar" and "Biker" Rings for guys

Skull rings, Rockstar Rings and "biker" type rings are certainly not for every guy, or even for every situation. I shudder to think of the guy trying to pull these off with his suit headed in to work.

Yeah, that just wouldn't work.

But the great thing about these rings is that they come on and off when you desire. One the weekends you can rock out, and during the week you can be straitlaced man of business.

Mens titanium and gold wedding band
Mens titanium and gold wedding band

Best looking Wedding Bands for Guys

Now a wedding band for men is a ring that has always been acceptable, and will always be acceptable in every single situation you could possibly find yourself in.

Wedding bands have been updated with the times too, however. Gone are the days of just a simple plain gold band. WHile these still have their place, a little bit of flash and style for men's wedding band is quite popular these days.

Now the skull rings are all fairly cheap, but this wedding band is not. Few wedding bands are. This is a gold and titanium hybrid. I just love the look of the dual tone precious metal rings. I think they really stand out and look a lot better than the old fashioned simple and plain bands.

My Favorite Men's Wedding Band Rings

Men's wedding band. They symbol of unity with our significant others. This is a form of jewelry for guys that is always socially acceptable. I am a fan of the white gold rings myself, with a bit of flash and style, but as you can see below, there are a lot more options than just that for these cool guy bands.

14kt White Gold Arty Onyx and Diamond Men's Wedding Band.
14kt White Gold Arty Onyx and Diamond Men's Wedding Band.

White gold and a fashionable design, what is not to like about this ring!

14k White Gold Men's 8mm Braided Rope Handbraided COMFORT FIT Wedding Band - Size 12
14k White Gold Men's 8mm Braided Rope Handbraided COMFORT FIT Wedding Band - Size 12

Another White gold choice. Very popular these days, because it looks great AND it is a bit understated.

I really like the rope braid look of this choice.

Men's Two Tone 14k White Yellow Gold Leaf 7mm Comfort Fit Wedding Band Ring size 10.50
Men's Two Tone 14k White Yellow Gold Leaf 7mm Comfort Fit Wedding Band Ring size 10.50

Two tone ring, fearuring both white and yellow gold, with a fashionable "leaf" pattern throughout

14K Tri Color Solid Gold Hand Braided Wedding Ring Band for Men (Sizes 9 - 14)
14K Tri Color Solid Gold Hand Braided Wedding Ring Band for Men (Sizes 9 - 14)

Another cool braided option, this one mixing all three colors of gold into a pretty darn cool looking ring

Men's falshy pinky ring
Men's falshy pinky ring

Best Men's Pinky Rings

When I was growing up I was a fan of ganster movies. All the guys dressed dapper and fashionably, but flashy. Every one seemed to wear a pinkie ring.

By no means do I amply that wearing a pinkie ring relates to being a gangster, but just that this is a quite fashionable look that goes well with a very well dressed guy. Like a bright and bold tie, you can add this to a suit and it does not look, "odd" it just makes you look a bit flashy and bold.

These guys pinkie rings can also be worn with casual clothes without looking too "overblown". They are some very nice and classy collection of men's rings.

This guys pinky ring is full of "bling". It is showy and bold. Gold covered with rhodium with diamonds. Very flashy, a pink ring like this makes a huge statement.

Men's Stylish Pinkie Rings

As you can see below the choices in guys pinkie rings is a fairly varied set of choices. There are some that are fairly understated and some that just scream "bling".

Regardless of what type of band you like, there are some great looking choices for just about any guy.

Which style of guys rings is YOUR favorite

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Batman Rings for Guys
Batman Rings for Guys

Unique Rings for men

I would be remiss if I didn't mention one more type of guys rings. Unique rings.

Possibly these could be viewed as a bit "geeky" but rings featuring comic book characters or other fun stuff are also quite popular, specifically with younger guys. These rings are usually reasonably priced so you do not have to break the bank for them.

Being a big comic book fan, here is one that I enjoy a lot. A Dark Knight Ring. With the popularity of the Batman franchise, these are pretty darn popular right now.

Let me know what YOU think - Share your thoughts in the comment box below

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