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Messenger School Bags For Boys

Updated on July 28, 2013

Messenger Style School Bags

A messenger bag for your son may be a good choice, depending on his tastes and interests. You should keep in mind the trends you have noticed in his grade, as you consider a messenger bag. While it may seem to be a sensible tool, younger boys, as well as middle schoolers, can be cruel in teasing. First thing is to ask your son if he actually likes the style. If he doesn't, then that should settle it. It may seem more like an oversized purse, and if your son's instinct is no, then respect that point of view, and move on.

There are plenty of messenger bags for men, suited to older boys (tweens and teens), if it's a style they like. Camouflage, khaki, grey, and black are among the basic color choices. The satchel style may well lend itself to easier carrying, cross body style, rather than lugging an overfilled backpack. The rectangular shape of the messenger bag is nice for storing books, and for being able to see into, whereas a backpack often seems like a bottomless pit of books and wadded up papers, especially among tween boys. I really like the organizational potential of a messenger bag. Nevertheless, defer to your son's wishes.

What's Your Preference

Would you stick with a backpack for your son, or consider a messenger bag?

You can find a few Timbuktu Messenger Bags at Amazon

The Timbuktu Messengers are available in plenty of neutral and cool color options, great for the boy who wants a bag that looks like it belongs to him. These are well fabricated, providing sturdy carrying and good storage.

Middle School Boys' Bags: Organizational Tips

I think some of the most disorganized school bags belong to tween boys. The abyss of the bag needs to be managed, and it's rarely natural for a middle school boy to have inherent organizational skills. They must be taught and reinforced. Take time to review your son's school bag frequently.

More High Sierra Messenger Bags for Boys

High Sierra is known for crafting quality bags for the middle school or high school student who is a little rough on his belongings. The shape of a messenger is perfect for keeping books more organized.

High Sierra  Rufus  Backpack, Amazon/Rainforest
High Sierra Rufus Backpack, Amazon/Rainforest

Shades that are more suitable for guys are available. You'll also find many options that work for girls.


Jansport Messenger Bags at Amazon

You can always count on quality and durability in a Jansport product for school, ensuring that he can get through an entire year without destroying his school bag.

Jansport Trans Meridian Messenger Bag with Laptop Sleeve (Black)
Jansport Trans Meridian Messenger Bag with Laptop Sleeve (Black)

Great styling and organizational features along with durable fabrics and materials and appropriate colors and graphics, you'll find many related messengers in the Jansport line.


Pockets Help Your Tween Son with Organization

Whether you decide on a messenger or backpack, pockets in the sides or front are great for writing implements. Calculators need a safe place in the middle school messenger bag, too. I've seen way too many destroyed calculators in tween school bags.

Camouflage Messenger Bag

Camo is a great choice for a boy, and there's no need to stress about it looking like a handbag. There are many camo styles available, many of canvas, a durable material that will help him last the year without needing to replace his book bag.

Organizational Tip: Binders Help

A good binder is important for keeping papers sorted out. Otherwise, expect them to be folded, wadded and stuffed. Can I say it again? Middle school boys' messengers or backpacks can be a teach him organizational skills.

Rothco Messenger Bags

Another excellent brand if your son needs something definitively masculine that will enable him to be more organized during the coming school year.

Brown Original Heavyweight Classic Heavyweight Messenger Bag with Army Universe Pin
Brown Original Heavyweight Classic Heavyweight Messenger Bag with Army Universe Pin

Excellent color and fabric for the middle school or high school boy.


Popular Superhero Messenger Bags

There are lots of character messengers for boys in elementary school. By upper grades, they may want to ditch the characters, but younger boys will appreciate the cartoons faves.

Marvel Heroes Messenger Bag
Marvel Heroes Messenger Bag

Find your favorite superhero messenger bags.


Have you found a school bag for boys that stands out?

Now that you've perused the messenger style school bags that I've featured, which style did you like best?

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