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Miche Bags- Unique Designer Handbags

Updated on March 19, 2010

What's a Miche Bag?

The Miche Bag is an exciting line of designer handbags. For those who want more customizable, versatile purses, Miche Bags are for you! This line of handbags are unlike any you've seen before. Imagine one bag that gives you chic, fun, and style. The Miche Bag allows you to change the look of your handbag in a manner of seconds by simply just changing the shell! If you're like me, it can be a hassle when you decide on a purse you're going to use that day or night and then have to transfer all your neccessary belongings from one purse to another. There are some occassions that I'd even forget something important while doing so. Now you can forget that hassle and have the look you want in about 3 seconds!


How It Works

Have your own Miche Bag in no time with these easy steps! First you can choose from 2 sizes of your base; small or large. Then depending on your base bag, you can choose from their wide selection of small or big shells. There are even newer shells that change the whole outer shape of the bag as well. You also get the option to accessorize! There are many different extra straps and accessories to compliment your Miche Bag. It's that simple!

Custom Miche Bags

For those who'd like to show off their creative side, there's a great opportunity here for you! Imagine having that one unique handbag that you'll be sure nobody else will own. Through Miche your given the opportunity to design and customize your shell. Once you send your order to Miche, they manufacture it here in the U.S. and send it to you once it's done. Use family portraits or anything you choose or be daring and design and create a shell of your own!


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    • MicheBag4Me profile image

      MicheBag4Me 7 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      LOVE IT!!! If you are in the Pittsburgh area, feel free to contact me and as your local distributor of the Miche Bag, we can connect you with a representative near you! Or if you are interested in becoming a Representative of the Miche Bag, we can get you started! It's a fun and fantastic way to earn extra income. ps. the Holidays are approaching quickly so if you'd like to get your shopping done in one stop or if you'd like to host a home party for your friends, this is the time to do it! Email me at or visit us at