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The Advantages of Micro-Ring Hair Extensions

Updated on June 4, 2015

Micro-ring hair extensions are a fairly recent innovation and have quickly become a very popular option for a number of reasons. With other hair extension types, you were often forced to compromise between suitability for home use, discreetness, reusability, appearance, and durability. With micro-ring hair extensions, these problems do not exist.

Here are the top six advantages micro rings have over other hair extension application methods. They:

1: Can Be Applied at Home

You can go to a hair salon to apply your micro-ring extensions, but you don't have to.

Micro rings are very easy to add to someone else’s hair, and it doesn’t take long to learn how to use them. The fact that you can reposition them means you can also afford to get it wrong a couple of times. Micro rings are not only easy to use but also easy to use well. So they will look good even if your friend puts them in, which may not be the case with other hair extensions—if you're using something like glue, an experienced hand can be disastrous.

To apply micro rings, you use a plastic loop to pull hair through the ring connected to the hair weft and then pull the ring up to the scalp. Then use special pliers to fix the micro rings hair extensions in place.

2. Work for Short and Fine Hair

Unlike some hair extension types, such as braiding and weaving, you can use micro rings with short and fine hair.

Braids and weaves need a certain length of hair to allow for tension, and fine hair may easily break under that stress. You may also get headaches from these methods.

However, micro rings can be applied to hair as short as one or two inches long and blended for a natural look.

3. Look Discrete

Micro-ring hair extensions' only competitor, in terms of discreteness, are glue-in extensions. Both types of extensions attach close to the scalp in a way that is very difficult to notice. Micro rings though are especially hard to see since the extensions attach directly to the hair. Even if someone takes a close look at your scalp, they will still struggle to spot the micro rings.

4. Are Safe to Use

With glue-in hair extensions, of course, you need to use glue. With hot fusion extensions, you need to use heat. Both of these methods have potential negative side-effects. Some people are allergic to the glue; for others, it irritates their scalps. When using heat, you risk burning your scalp, and both the glue that is used and the high temperatures may damage your hair. For both of these methods, removing the extensions also risks hair damage and loss.

As for braids and weaves, they can pull your hair out of your scalp, lead to tension alopecia, and cause severe headaches.

In contrast, micro-ring extensions do not carry risks of allergic reactions, hair loss, or hair damage.

5. Can Be Used for Long-Term or Short-Term Extensions

You can easily remove micro-ring hair extensions. Because they are also easy to put in and low cost, it doesn’t matter if you want to use them for a long or short period of time.

If you do use them long-term, they should stay in your hair without problem, though they may need to be repositioned as your hair grows. If you buy virgin (unprocessed) Remy hair, it will last longer because it still has the cuticle intact and the strands in each weft all point in the direction in which they originally grew.

6. Are Reusable and Moveable

This point relates to the last. Micro rings can easily be taken out in such a way that they can be reused by de-flattening the ring to release them. This makes them a great value, even if you only use them for a day or so at a time.

Also, you can reposition micro rings, so if your hair grows, you can tighten them so they're closer to your scalp.


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      4 years ago

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      4 years ago

      I totally agree with this article, micro rings are definitely the best method of hair extension fitting.


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