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Mid range handbag brands – more handbag brands to love.

Updated on December 4, 2011

In one of my previous hubs, I already gave a list of mid range handbag brands. But here is an extended list of more designers. I am one of the biggest handbag fans. I love handbags from different brands and want to talk about handbags all day long if somebody is willing to listen. In this hub, I will cover some handbag brands from different parts of the world. Some of these handbags are not well known here in the United States, but I think they are absolutely gorgeous. Here is the list and I hope you will enjoy it.

A.D.M.J. – A.D.M.J. or Accessories De Mademoiselle is a handbag brand that is known for its intricate detailing and cute styles. Just from the name, you might guess that it is from Europe. However, this brand was born in Japan. They have several handbags that resemble the classic Birkin from Hermes but with their own twist on it. The quality of leather is awesome and there are so many styles to choose from. As of now, this brand is only sold in Japan and a few neighboring Asian countries. Nevertheless, if the brand becomes more popular in the future, it's availability could be more widespread.

Samantha Thavasa – This handbag brand has been popular for a while now and features new handbags every season to fit everyone's taste. They are so well known in Japan that many Japanese women own at least one of their handbags. Their bags are fun, fashionable and versatile. And they have opened at least one store in New York.

Paul's boutique – This is a young British fashion brand. They have a good selection of handbags that are very youthful to classy. This brand is pretty budget friendly, all the prices are in pounds. And I don't know if they ship to the United States. But I think they are becoming more popular as more people are buying their handbags.

Ed hardy – They make some pretty crazy handbags in terms of patterns and colors. If you are into colors and patterns, this brand is for you. You can also find some of their handbags at discount stores like TJ Max. A lot of times, their handbags are at least 50% off of the original price at discount stores.

Jessica Simpson's collection – The stylish Jessica Simpson has a very successful line of shoes, clothing, handbags and accessories. Her handbags are pretty affordable. You can always find the styles that are currently trendy as well as classic pieces that you can wear for a long time. Check out her website often for sales so you can save more money.

Guess handbags – Guess makes lots of cute clothing, shoes and handbags. Their handbags are mid range in price. A little bit lower than Coach handbags. Although they are not known for their handbags, you can find a variety of trendy pieces in their stores and online.

Tory Burch handbags – I love Tory Burch because of her beautiful logo. She has mainly classic pieces in her collection made of fine soft leather. The metal logo is absolutely beautiful and tells the others that you are carrying a Tory Burch handbag.

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