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Mid range price high quality shoe brands – Jessica Simpson, Ivanka Trump, INC and more

Updated on February 20, 2012

High end shoe brands are often extremely expensive. In the current economic situation, no one really wants to spend more than necessary to look great. Mid range shoe brands are brands that have great quality but at a fraction of the cost of high end shoes. Unlike low quality shoes that are very cheap, mid range designer shoes are very high quality and would last a long time with proper care. This hub introduces several shoe brands that offer moderately priced high quality footwear.

Jessica Simpson – Jessica Simpson is the most successful celebrity brand in the United States. It is not hard to see why when you visit her website. Jessica's collection has lots of tasteful clothing that are very pleasing to the eye. In addition to her clothes, she also has a wide selection of flats, boots and heels. For those that need a big boost in height, Jessica Simpson's heels are the answer for your height problem. Surprisingly, her high heels are quite comfortable for its height. Jessica's shoe collection is highly recommended if you want a major boost in height and very trendy looks.

Ivanka Trump – Ivanka Trump is another celebrity designer that has her line of clothing, shoes and purses. Unlike Jessica Simpson's heels, Ivanka's selection is more classic than trendy. It is also important to note that her shoes are a little bit more expensive than Jessica Simpson's collection. For those that want a classic pair of heels for the office, Ivanka's basic black pumps are perfect. It is stylish yet classic. The best thing to do is check Zappos frequently for clearance on Ivanka's shoes. You will be able to get the shoes that you like for a reduced price.

INC (International Concepts) – This brand is carried by many major retailers such as Macy's. They offer a variety of shoes to choose from. Many women that are into fashion said that these shoes are very good value for the price. When we buy mid range shoes, quality, style and price are all important. INC (International Concepts) really has all three qualities in their products.

Nine West – This brand is well known and loved by women here in the United States and other countries as well. They have a very wide selection of styles (both trendy / classic) and lots of retailers that distribute their products. For a lot of women, Nine West is part of their shoe collection because it is so wide spread, stylish, relatively inexpensive and trendy.

Naturalizer – When you want to go for something that scores very high in the comfort department, Naturalizer will cater to that. In addition to being very comfortable, it is also stylish and can make you look great. We cannot wear sky high stilettos all day, comfortable shoes that are from Naturalizer are great alternatives to alleviate feet pains.

Guess – In addition to the stylish clothes and accessories that the Guess brand carries, their shoes are very trendy and sexy as well. Guess brand shoes fall in the mid price range and they are even cheaper after being put on clearance. Lots of mid price brands are great because you can get great quality / style for so much cheaper compared to the high end brands. Smart shoppers that only get things on sale can save even more. Reduced prices for mid range shoes are almost at Payless' shoes price. However, they last much longer and are much more stylish.

Which is your favorite mid range shoe brand?

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