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milk bath and soap

Updated on October 29, 2011

 multipurpose milk bath

2 tblsp dried herbs

1 c baking soda

2 c dry powdered milk


flour sifter

toss herbs into the blender.  grind into a fine powder.  add the baking soda and powdered milk.  blend again.  using the flour sifter, sift the mixture to separate any unrefined plant matter.  separate and bottle into 1/2 cup measures. 

bath and shower soap

2 - 3 bars unscented glycerine or castile soap

2 tblsp thyme leaves

6 tblsp rosemary leaves

2 tblsp lavender leaves or blossoms

1 tblsp salt

3 c water

cheese grater

grate soap into measuring cup, packing until you have a full cup.  place the herbs, salt, and water in a glass pot and gring mixture to a rolling boil.  cover pot.  remove from heat.  let stand 3 - 5 minutes.  strain.  pour soap into tea.  stir constantly till soap dissolves.  let cool.  bottle.  label.

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