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Hair Trend: Modern Bangs 2012

Updated on July 4, 2012

Hair Trend: Modern Bangs 2012

Bangs. Fringe. They are in or they are out. Who really cares though? I sort of do. Not that I follow trends, in fact, I follow my own trendiness. If I am feeling bangs, I get them cut in. If not, I grow them out.

Bangs can make you look like a new person, so it can be a fun hair addition to play around with.

This lens will give your inspiration and tips to styling your bangs or choosing a style of bangs that you want to get.

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Find the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape - Emma Watson

Square Face

Long, eye-grazing bangs that are tapered on the sides add a soft element to square face shapes.

WHAT TO ASK FOR Heavy bangs like this need to hit the right place, otherwise, they can easily overwhelm your face, says L.A. stylist Andy LeCompte. Ask your stylist to snip them just below the brows, leaving the heaviest pieces on the sides so they don’t mask your eyes. The center strands can be feathery as a little forehead peeking through is ideal.

Round Face

The gently arching fringe complements soft, feminine features...

WHAT TO ASK FOR Bangs can make a circular face appear even fuller. Request a graphic, curved shape, which will flatter your bone structure—and be sure the bangs are thick. Wispy versions won't have the same impact.

Heart-Shaped Face

Sideswept bangs have a balancing effect and draw the attention down and towards the eyes.

WHAT TO ASK FOR Layered, feathered bangs. The shortest pieces should hit the arch of your eyebrows; the longest should meet the outer corners of your eyes.

Oval Face

Nearly any fringe works with an oval-shaped face, but these airy, pin-straight ones accentuate the prettiest parts of the face without feeling bulky.

WHAT TO ASK FOR "Ask for bangs that hit between the brow and the eyelash and are longer on the edges," says stylist Mark Townsend, who cut these for Michele. "That way, you can wear them swept aside or straight with a middle part."

Small Forehead

This sloping, asymmetrical fringe makes a short forehead seem stronger and more pronounced.

WHAT TO ASK FOR To elongate a small brow, ask your stylist to cut your bangs on a steep, sideswept angle that blends into cheekbone-skimming layers. "These bangs also require a deep side part, which is flattering for many face shapes," he adds.

Adapted from InStyle

Curly Hair with Bangs

Flipped Out Bangs - Rachel McAdams

Are You Getting Bangs?

Which Style Bangs Are You Going For?

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Sleek Side Swept Bangs - For all Hair Lengths

Fringey Flirty Bangs

Run a styling paste or pomade through the ends of damp hair.

Blow-dry hair while brushing it in downward strokes with a vent brush. You'll get a flare at the ends and a separation thanks to the pomade.

Flat-iron bangs-carefully since fine hair is more delicate-so they lie close to your forehead.

Full Fringe with Straight Long Hair - Blunt Bangs Required.

Flat bangs make long, straight hair look fierce and sultry. To get this look, flat iron your bangs and spray them with a dry shampoo.

Work a matte paste through your ends, taking care to work a small piece at a time. Make them look piecey, but avoid over use of product.

Super Long Bangs

While hair is still damp, make a deep side part with a comb.

Then blow-dry your hair with a medium-sized round brush so you get a smooth finish.

Quickly run a straightening iron over large sections of hair — you don't want to flatten your chic bob cut but a little extra heat adds a lot of extra polish. Finish with a spritz of shine spray.

Full Panel Bangs - Jessica Alba

A strong bang is so chic-and achievable if you have naturally thick hair. A quick flat iron with a tiny, bang-friendly version keeps them in line daily.

Run a conditioning styling cream through your hair and blow-dry halfway to cut down on frizz. Let hair air-dry the rest of the way so you get a smooth but imperfect texture.

You can skip shampooing the next day and refresh your style with a botanical conditioning mist.

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Wispy Long Bangs - Olivia Wilde

Romantic Bangs with Short Hair - Carey Mulligan

Parted Bangs - Liv Tyler

Multi-Length Bangs

A sleek, extremely layered pixie begs for bangs that highlight your face. These bangs are for the bold and merry.

The 1960s Bangs are Back - Zooey Deschanel

Deep Side Parted Bangs with Medium Bob - Ashley Greene

A Hint of Color Bangs

Cutting Your Own Bangs

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