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Modern Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts

Updated on August 3, 2014

Modern Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts

As my pixie cut grows out , I cannot tell you how excited I am to get my hair shaped into the sultriest modern bob that this side of New York City has seen. Bobs are making there way back into the tresses of many. They are minimal, yet high maintenance, and if cut right, the bob looks effortless all of the time.

There are many ways to wear the modern bob: curly, pin straight, angled, classic(yet hip), or any other way that will make the wearer bold and dashing.

This lens is much like my lens Modern Pixie Haircuts which shares the hottest pictures that will give you the inspiration that you need to book an appointment with your stylist (or run down there on a whim!). Plus, I will give you ideas, tips and videos that will help you decide if the bob is the hairstyle for you and how to style it once you've had your hair snipped.

The Modern Flapper Bob - Keira Knightley

The 1920s are upon s again.....women are refashioning the Flapper Bob, or the Finger Wave. This picture is a perfect example as to how women are taking an aged classic and turning it into an edgy and romantic hairstyle.

Razor Cut Bob - Who is it Good for?

The razor cut bob is suitable for most, but not everybody. The cut you see here on Selena Gomez is sleek and sophisticated. It is the modern twist on the recent influx of era-inspired razor cuts showing up everywhere.

If you are interested in getting a razor cut, here are some tips to keep in mind:

--- A razor cut will give you soft layers that take away from the edgy feeling of a scissor cut. It looks beautiful on longer bobs.

--- Those with thick, coarse, or curly hair should avoid a razor cut because you will walk out of that salon with the frizziest bob in the world.

--- Do not be somebody's Razor Cut guinea pig. Ask your hairstylist how many years of experience, if any, that they have doing razor cuts. Ask for references. Seriously...this is a practice only to be done by experts.

The Right Bob for our Face Shape

Round Face: The best bob for round face is a longer, below the chin bob that draws the eye lengthwise. Instruct your stylist to AVOID layers cut at the chin or cheekbones as it will increase the look of fullness in your cheeks. Furthermore, if you want bangs, ask that they are choppy, rather than blunt and perhaps side-sweeping.

Oval Face: You will hear stylists say that any cut will look great on an oval face, but I disagree. I find that bobs that add length will make you look gaunt, while shorter bobs take away from that ever-so-perfect face shape with a ridged result.

While you can pull off any length bob, you may want to consider your other facial features. If you have delicate features, I would opt for a pixie cut, however, if you have large eyes, I would suggest a long, sweeping bob....

Moreover, if you have a small mouth, ask your stylist to draw attention to it through choppy layers that start at the cheekbones and end at the chin....

Square Face: AVOID short bobs unless you feel like looking like a UHAUL box. Go long long long with choppy, flowing layers everywhere. Bangs that are flowing are great for square faces, too.

Long Bob 2012

There have been a slew of bobs popping up around town, but nothing looks better on a woman than a sultry long bob. It elongates your body and your face and puts off this Oooooommmppffff factor like no other style knows how to do. Many of the bobs have that summer-kissed Jennifer Aniston look paired with the sexy Dianna Agron bob that we saw earlier this year.

I think some mix of that is how you can make your hair and yourself really stand out. The long bob is very easy to maintain and doesn't require as much trimming as another sort of hairstyle (shorter bobs), which makes it low-maintenance.

The bob that you see above is my favorite style of the season. You should ask your stylist to cut a long bob that has layers starting at the chin paired with eye-length side bangs.

TO maintain the look you may require a blow-dryer, but there is no necessity to this. Slap in some shine serum and a bit a styling pomade and you have got a style for the day!

Sexy, Curly Bob

Are we noticing a trend???

Curly Bobs are the IT bob hairstyle of the season. This season goes to the curly haired goddesses in our world.

The hot bobs for 2012 are messy, a bit tousled but they all end at the chin or just below it, like Keira's here. Add in blunt bangs or fringe for a really edgy look.

Get Kiera's Look

Want curls like Kiera? This is the curling iron that I've been using for five years. It takes away the frizz and leaves your curls looking polished. If you want to give your hair serious body, this curler will do it!

Super Sleek Modern Bob Hairstyle - Steps to Styling YourBob

Step 1: Use a fine tooth comb to separate out a vertical section of hair. Spritz it with a heat protecting spray to hold the style and help make hair shinier.

Step 2: Go over the section of hair with a flat iron, combing through the section with a comb as you apply the heat.

TIP: Opt for a heat-resistant comb, so it does not melt under the heat of the flat iron.

Step 3:Go Through the Hair Section by section. Use this method with the rest of the hair, dividing it into sections and smoothing with a flattening iron, using a comb to straighten and separate strands.

Step 4: Make it Piecey. Now, you have a nice sleek bob. But for an edgier, more piece-y look, Caputo suggests applying a little bit of styling wax to the ends of the hair.

Thick Haired Bob - With a Streak of Color

This is such a neat trend that has taken the college and youth by storm. However, it isn't just for students. I have noticed older, sophisticated women sporting the color streak. If you want to do the color streak without going to the salon, here are the steps and suggestions to achieve the perfect streak of color:

What You’ll Need:

A plastic bowl

Rubber or protective gloves

2 tint brushes

Hair bleach/bleaching kit (such as Manic Panic’s bleaching kit)

A comb

A hairdryer

Bobby pins/hair ties

Manic Panic semi permanent hair dye in the color of your choice

*Manic Panic is known to vivid and successful in all hair types.

*You should bleach the strip of hair that you want to dye otherwise the color WILL NOT show up and you will be sad.

1. Pull all of the hair that you WILL NOT be dying into a side ponytail or clipped up and away.

2. Bleach the section you'll be dying. Please wear gloves throughout this process, as the bleach can burn your skin!

3. After following the instructions to get the desired bleaching, use the other brush to apply the pigment. Again, follow the direction on the color dye that you are using.

4. While the color is sitting in the hair, apply heat with a blow dryer to help set the color into the follicle.

5. When I do a streak, I let it sit for two makes it SUPER vibrant and SUPER awesome.

Modern Bob with Parted Bangs

The short bob is really sexy. It oozes this "I don't care" attitude and is a classic for the fashion industry. You can dress like a supermodel with this hairstyle.

Who it works for: Looks fabulous on oval or square faces. If your face is very round, go for a longer version. Hair has to be poker straight

Tell your hairstylist: The longest piece of hair should fall an inch above the chin, so you get that face hugging effect

Maintenance: If you want to keep this really polished, you'll be in the salon monthly

Watch the Bob in Action

Modern Chin Length Bob

This is the perfect bob length for a woman with a square jaw. I don't care what the experts say, this is it. Print this picture out and get this cut. It offsets the boxy-ness!

Modern Angled Bob

The angled bob works really well for women with pin straight hair, but any woman can dare to pull it off.

This cut will work wonders for a woman with a full face, but if you have a narrow face, you may want to do something that beefs up the volume...or you'll look even longer.

Tell your hairstylist: To Use a razor on the ends. It texturizes the hair leaving the back soft and not so harsh.

The Sexy Mid-Length Bob - Bryce Dallas Howard

The wavy bob is best suited for women with thick hair.

Tell your hairstylist: This cut should fall to about the middle of your neck. Long layers will give it that dreamy, whimsical feel.

Styling the A-Line Bob

Sexy Layered Bob Hairstyle - Try the Faux Bob

Don't feel like cutting all of your hair off to get this look. Who cares, try the faux bob:

Step One: Create a Side Part

Whether your hair is straight or wavy, you can wear a bob. The key to keeping it fresh and modern is parting the hair to the side. Just make sure the part is not too severe, and slightly off center.

Step 2: Fasten the Hair

Gather the hair back as if you were making a very low ponytail. Secure with an elastic holder about four to five inches from the ends of the hair.

Step 3: Twist it

Gently twist the hair up until you reach where you want the bob shape to end -- at the nape of the neck, middle or shoulders.

Step 4: Secure the Hair

Tuck the end of the hair underneath and secure with bobby pins.

Step 5: Hair Spray

Use hair spray to help hold the style.

Tip: Pull a few pieces of hair out so it looks less contrived.


Curly Modern Bob Hairstyle - FAQ

Q: I have curly hair, but I want a bob. Can I do that, or does it spell hair disaster?

A: Yes, you can absolutely wear a bob cut, but there is a potential for disaster if it is not cut correctly.

A curly-haired bob requires layering in order for the hair to fall into place properly. If you cut curly hair blunt (all one length, no layers) it will take on the shape of a triangle (not flattering) instead of a sleek, tailored style.

By adding layers you balance the curls and the look-the shorter layers add fullness while the longer ones create weight and length.

The result will be a classic-and flattering-style.

Red Hair Edgy Bob Hairstyle

Short Modern Bob for 2012

According to Eva Scrivo in her book, "Eva Scrivo on Beauty," the bob originated during World War I as women joined the workforce and no longer had time for pin curls and straightening irons. "Cropped hair became of badge of freedom, rebellion, and independence for working women who had also just gained the right to vote," Scrivo writes.

This bob is so close to a pixie that it can be a great transition for women growing their hair out from pixie to longer lengths!

Sexy Layered Curly Modern Bob - The perfect Bob For Your face Shape

Every face has a hairstyle that makes everything look Goddess-ey. Here you will be able to determine which modern bob hairstyle will rock your world:

Round Face:

Okay okay, you are saying, wait, I was told not to cut my hair short. I am not asking you too. I am asking you to go to your stylist and demand a longer bob with a sexy set of bangs. Ask your stylist to cut a bob below the chin and avoid layers around the sides. And for the bangs? Choppy bangs that will cut the roundness away from your face.

To Style:

If it's texture you're looking for, use a strong spray wax. Tousle your hair, turn your head upside down and blast the spray for great piece-y ends. For a more refined look, apply a light gel to the ends before you blow dry, then finish with a medium-hold hairspray to tame any fly-aways.

Oval Face:

If you have and oval face, it isn't about the shape of your face, but more, it is about the texture of your hair. The oval face has many options to work with here! Once you have decided what bob works best for you, head to your stylist and ask her (or him) to chop in some long layers that will give you movement.

Square Face:

All I can say for women with square faces is to go LONG. Super long, beautifully layered. Avoid bangs.

To offset the harsh jaw line when styling, go for an off-center part and make sure your layers are soft with plenty of texture. A texture spray will be your best friend – it can give you great control without being heavy or greasy.

Scarlett Johanssen Wavy Bob, Very Modern

Shine it Up

Kenra Shine Serum, 4 Ounce
Kenra Shine Serum, 4 Ounce

This is the one product that I use religiously. I have thick, curly/wavy hair that can frizz up in an minute. I first found this product five years ago, after I moved to San Diego. My hair stylist suggested it because she noticed that, while my hair is super healthy, it doesn't like moisture or heat.

I began using it every night after showering and the next morning, my hair was frizz-free and looked choppy-on-purpose. For a woman with curly hair, this is a DREAM come true.

If you are sporting a bob length style, this product may be for you, whether you are curly or straight. It really works wonders and all you need is a pin prick amount.


Long Front, Short Back, Modern Bob

Long Bob for 2012

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      6 years ago

      Very helpful Lens with great information and such cute pictures!

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      7 years ago

      These bobs are very inspiring. I am growing my hair out now, so thank you for the inspiration!


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