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Modern Hairstyles for Short Hair

Updated on July 4, 2012

Modern Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short haircuts are popular this season. If you are considering cutting your hair short and you want a modern short, straight haircut, then take a look at this lens. It will provide you with a look-book of modern haircuts, plus a variety of styling tips.

Short straight haircuts can give you a ton of freedom. You can wear and go or do something a little extra, depending on your mood. Some of the main styles/haircuts that are short and straight are the modern bob, the shag, and the pixie cut.

Take a look and tell me what you think =)

Long and Sculpted Red Hair

Edgy Rocker Chick Hair - DO NOT DO THIS HAIRSTYLE

I would have to say that this is the "DO NOT" of this lens. Kristen Stewart is a beautiful woman, but this lifeless look takes away from her beauty. You don't have to sport greasy, flat hair soaked in oil to pull off the rocker chick look.

If you want to do a Rocker Chick style aim for subtlety by asking your stylist to give you a hair cut that is razored and filled with chunky, nearly "accidental" looking layers. Moreover, don't go black...try red hair or your natural hair color with a splash of color.

Sleek Straight Bob - DO THIS

If you don't own a flat iron, you better invest in one if this is the haircut of your dreams. The sleek bob, almost shag-like haircut looks great on oval, round, and square face shape. Ask your stylist to create a modern bob that has the shag feel to it...and cut in some piecey bangs that hot just under the brow.

You will need a flat iron, some shine serum and a little bit of wax to hold this in place all day. Then again, feel free to go natural by letting it air dry.

Modern Long Pixie

This isn't quite a pixie, but it is not a bob. Somewhere in between. Regardless, it is extremely attractive on any woman. Consider dying your hair a vibrant blonde or brunette color to make you stand out even more.

Ask for choppy layers on the sides and in the back, as well as a full set of brow length bangs.

Modern Long Pixie Crop

Sienna Miller proves to the world that the party in the front is much sexier than a party in the back. Be bold and have your stylist create a delicately punky long pixie that is super long on top and super short on the sides and in the back.

Use wax to create the pieced appearance. Blow dry straight.

Modern Summertime Bob

Sun-kissed, a bit tousled and very manageable. If you have straight hair, this ifs a hairstyle that will make you casual during the day and smoking hot at night. As it is a minimal haircut, all you need is a bit of that summer spritz to create this "just got off the beach" look.

Rachel McAdams is sleek and sophisticated

This warm chocolate hue combined with the modern straight bob and stick straight bangs brings out the face without having to apply much makeup. This is a hairstyle for any woman who wants to be noticed, but doesn't want to be noticed for over-doing it.

Ask your stylist to cut your hair into an angled, very layered modern bob with a full framing fringe. Maybe dye your hair this color too =)

Sleek, Straight Modern Pixie

Again, the pixie cut has made a huge comeback. Jean Seberg and Audrey Hepburn would be so proud. This haircut works well on women with huge cajones. Straighten your hair with a blow dryer and use a shine serum combined with a wax OR mousse to get a style that holds throughout the day.

Modern, Inverted Bob with Long Side Bangs

Ask your stylist to cut a longer inverted bob and a set deep to the side bangs.

This works best on women with fine, straight hair. You won't require much styling. Otherwise, many tools will be needed.

Deep Side Parted Short Hairstyle!

Sophisticated Short Hair

Straightening Short Hair Tutorial

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