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Moissanite Engagement Rings

Updated on January 27, 2013

Moissanite the Best Alternative to the Diamond Engagement Ring

On this page you'll find a selection of some of the most stylish engagement ring settings you can find online, all crafted with moissanite as the featured stone.

Did you know moissanites pair beautifully with a diamond setting? That they sparkle and have more fire than diamonds? That moissanite costs less but retains it's beauty just like diamond? Moissanite isn't just a diamond alternative, it out performs diamond in sparkle and fire!

You're here, so you probably already know the great qualities that moissanites possess, but if not go ahead and visit my other page Moissanite Vs. Diamond to learn some of the positive things deciding to go with moissanite in your engagement ring can offer.

Engagement is one of the most exciting times in one's life. Set the tone right by finding a beautiful Moissanite Engagement Ring to represent your love.

5-Stone with a Surprise Moissanite

7 MM (1.25 CT) Round $1,140

5 moissanites, what a lucky girl. Wait there's another surprise, a tiny moissanite right under the shank. The little surprise isn't all I like about this ring. The way the side stones are framed with a thin band of metal rather than prongs gives the overall feel of the ring a nice modern clean style.

This ring from Moissanite Co. is available in 14K or 18K gold or palladium (platinum's cooler cousin) settings.

Round Moissanite 5-Stone Surprise Diamond Engagement Ring [eng817]
Round Moissanite 5-Stone Surprise Diamond Engagement Ring [eng817]

Square Moissanite Double Prong Basket

5.5 MM (1.1 CT) Square $685

A classic basket solitaire with a twist. The double prongs update this look and show off the square cut moissanite. Some call this cut princess, but the moissanite is cut differently than a diamond princess, to better show off the incredible sparkle moissanites possess.

Beautiful Band of Sparkle - 6 MM Round Center & 5 MM sides (1 3/4 TCW) $799.99

This style of ring looks stunning on it's own making it a perfect upgrade anniversary ring, or bling out by pairing with a sparkling moissanite eternity band.

Round Brilliant Halo Moissanite

6.5 MM (1 CT) Round $1,065

Halos have become increasingly popular. I like how this style raises the center stone above the halo and adds detail on the side of the band to draw away from the heaviness the halo brings. Stunning.

Thin Pave Band Solitaire

6MM (1 CT) $1,050

This band is so thin it almost appears like the center moissanite is floating on a band of sparkle. The pave stones even go up the prongs and basket setting. Just lovely. Available in 14K & 18K gold as well as palladium.

Vintage Inspired Engraved Setting - .5CT Round $799.99

Smaller moissanite tends to be more believable if you are intending to pass the stone off as diamond. Moissanite has more sparkle and fire than a diamond, and the bigger the moissanite the more attention it draws. This vintage inspired setting is what will draw attention to this ring. The moissanite is just the icing.

Classic Trellis Solitaire

6.5MM (1CT) $765

A timeless classic style. The half eternity band compliments the main center stone beautifully. The trellis style basket turns the prongs a work of art.

Available in main stone sizes from .5CT to 4CT and 14K gold or palladium.

A Timeless Classic Solitaire - 6.5 MM Round (1 CT) $545

This simple style will stand the test of time. It is a nod to the classic solitaire from one well known brand. You can even find that famous packaging on eBay if you want to really pull off the classic look down to the box.

Cushion Channel Set Tapered Solitaire

1CT Cushion $1,050

Cushion cuts are gaining in popularity, but be warned they are a tad warmer than a round brilliant moissanite, but they still sparkle like mad. A tapered channel settings is extremely flattering to the hand and is a modern yet classic style wearable for years to come.

Bold Oval Moissanite - Oval Moissanite $2,021

A bold statement engagement ring set with a horizontal oval moissanite.

Princess Single Prong Half-Eternity

6MM (1CT) $965

What I like about this ring is the combination of the princess cut moissanite and the six round moissanites. The minimal prongs really show off each stones shape lending to an elegant mostly sparkle design. Nice!

Lovely Pears, a copy of Jessica Simpson's first e-ring

9x6MM (1.55CT) $899

This is one of the most copied celebrity engagement ring styles and here it is in lovely moissanite. Now the only pear moissanite I saw was at a jewelry store trunk show, it was a nice size like the one in this ring and it was incredibly yellow. I was commenting at how yellow it looked and the jeweler snatched it from the case and said it needed cleaning and it never came back. i don't know if all pears are like that, or if that pear was just a bad gem, but I do know the fancy shapes tend to hold more body color than round or square brilliant. Keep that in mind when shopping online for fancy shapes. There are beautiful ones to be had, but in case the on you get isn't, ensure they have a good return policy.

Valina Designer Engagement Ring With Pave Set Diamonds
Valina Designer Engagement Ring With Pave Set Diamonds

Gorgeous Trendy Pave Setting

1.5CT $2,849

This designer ring by Valina features .65CT gorgeous diamond pave. It's a very trendy showstopper of a ring. The wrap around of smaller diamonds really show off the main center moissanite. The matching band is sold separately. This ring is drop dead gorgeous.

Style 9518-7.5mm Pave Engagement Ring
Style 9518-7.5mm Pave Engagement Ring

A Unique Style

1.5CT $1,402

Available in all moissanite or diamond band with a moissanite, this unique swirl of smaller stones lends a unique style to show off the center stone. It's a ring you won't find on every other girl's finger.

A Classic Look - 1CT $545

Exquisite! Women's 14k White-gold 1 ct Round Brilliant Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring - 6.5mm Size 6.0
Exquisite! Women's 14k White-gold 1 ct Round Brilliant Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring - 6.5mm Size 6.0

This is an engagement setting classic, the 6 prong solitaire. It is a favorite of women all over the world as it lets the stone show off without any other bells and whistles pulling for your attention. Super sparkly moissanite is well suited to this style.


Perfectly Petite

.5CT $960

This is a gorgeous ring iwith diamond side stones for under $1,000. Small side stones with smaller band stones create a very delicate ring. The smaller center stone size fits the style and budget just fine.

Rose Gold Pink Moissanite Ring
Rose Gold Pink Moissanite Ring

Pink Perfection

1CT $1,505

The delicate setting uses luxurious rose gold to set the tone of this pretty in pink moissanite stone. If you're looking for something different, this is your ring.

Nina Elle Jewels on eBay - Double Halo
Nina Elle Jewels on eBay - Double Halo

Double Halo

2CT $3,999

A double halo, is kind of like a double rainbow, a rare and beautiful thing. This 8MM round moissanite is surrounded by nearly a full carat total weight of diamond.

Go Big or Go Home - 3.10 TCW $3,699

2 CT Moissanite with 1.10 Ct in side diamonds along a split shank. This is a showstopper of a ring, for the girl that wants to turn heads. Find more of Nina's designs below.

Nina Elle Jewels - Large moissanites with diamond accents

I recently stumbled upon this eBay dealer. She has some drop dead gorgeous rings, many unlike anywhere else.

LKjewelry - My favorite eBay Moissanite seller

I simply adore her designs. She's had a strong positive presence on eBay for many years. Although recently some reports of customers receiving less than stellar settings have cropped up. As with all online purchases, ensure you agree with the return policy.

OCdiamonds - A wide selection of classic designs

Reasonable prices and a Top Rated seller to boot.

What Engagement Ring Style Suits You? - Fun & informative links to help guide you through setting choices

Have you considered her ring size? Does she have a preference in stone shape? Is she into outdoor activities or more of a glamor girl? These and more are all things to consider before selecting a ring style.

What's your proposal story? - Please share it in the comments section below

my hubby with the moissanite ring he selected for me
my hubby with the moissanite ring he selected for me

This is my cute hubby. He said I foiled his many elaborate attempts to propose that involved romance, candlelight and rose petals... so instead he felt the right moment was after I had a cavity filled, mouth still a little numb... and he was dripping in sweat from having just mowed the lawn. I guess it worked as I said yes and married the guy after all. Oh, and he choose a gorgeous moissanite engagement ring for me. Love ya Babe!

When is the perfect month to propose?

See results

Share Your Proposal Story! - Why are you considering moissanite for your ring?

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    • catherine21 profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow! What a great lens, so in love with classic look. If you don't mind please check it out my lens here! :)

    • itgraphix profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice lens. You lens very impressive and informative. Diamond always look good

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Below you can see several stories of modern people and their engagement rings.

      Actress Elizabeth Taylor has fantastic jewelry such as 30 carat emerald-cut diamond, Krupp diamond of 39 carats, Taylor-Burton pear-shaped diamond of

      69.42 carats and of course heart-shaped 17th century Taj Mahal diamond. Several people say that reason of her popularity was directly connected with those famous diamonds. engagement ring

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 

      7 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      Can't really remember the proposal, but I said yes :) Great page!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for your share. Your site is really good, and it is very worthy to visit again. Welcome to our US wedding dresses online store

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Those are absolutely stunning. If I didn't have my heart set on a diamond, I'd definitely consider moissanite!

      Iâm about to get engaged myself and my boyfriend has given me the go ahead to start looking at rings, so everything is catching my eyes these days. Iâve been looking at rings at this site, Juliaâs diamonds and Iâm just in love with all of them. I canât choose!

    • profile image

      CofCJenny LM 

      7 years ago

      Rings are the only pieces of jewelry that I wear on a daily basis. Naturally, this lens caught my eye. Very beautiful!! Too bad I won't be getting engaged any time soon, lol

    • CruiseReady profile image


      7 years ago from East Central Florida

      These rings are lovely - I especially like theRadiant cut center with triangle accents. Now, I need to go see the companion lens to this one!

    • traveller27 profile image


      7 years ago

      Very good showcase of these beautiful rings!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      These are gorgeous!!!!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago


    • Carterpants profile image


      8 years ago

      Good info for those guys out there struggling to make a decision


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