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Why Molding Clay Matters to Your Hair

Updated on January 19, 2018
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Those who want to take control over the styling of their natural hair would find molding clay a must use hair product to have a flexible yet stronger hold of the hair, smoother and stronger consistency, bendable textures, and more importantly a softer and shiny looks. Made mainly with natural extracts and beeswax, molding clay is a unique hair product for the short and natural hair to formulate the softened and smoother texture of the hair for a flexible styling. It is also a product of choice for the people, especially sportsman, with an exposure to sun. The product also a great help to those who tend to perspire heavily and get troubles in shaping a good style to their hair.

Comparing to that low shine gel products, the molding clay gives a more matte look with a stronger hold. Unlike other hair products used to ensure a shining look, you can apply the clay in a much drier hair. While the shiny look of your hair depends on the wetness of your hair and as it grows drier the look gets greasy, and harder to remold, the molding clay allows you to remold your hair throughout the day and remain smoother and soft to the touch. The presence of clay and wax ensures a stronger hold and keeps your style unbending even under a well fitting fedora.

Once you start using the molding clay as a styling hair product, you will discover yourself what a great help it might appear to redefine your hair style as well as your look and personality. Here are some key features that might help you find particularly why you should use molding clay for your hair:

Conditioning for hair and scalp:

Molding clay will not only work like a gel to give your hair a shiny look while holding it stronger for a specific styling but also works brilliantly as a natural conditioner to keep the smoothness of your hair and ensures a healthier scalp while increasing viscosity of the hair for a stylist appearance.

Natural healing power for the hair and scalp:

The white clay collected specially from Paris basins or other naturally enriched places is used in the molding clay to stimulate and energize both the sensitive hair and scalp. The natural healing power of the molding clay also has a remedial treatment for the greasy looking dim hair you ever want to determine your look. The clay stands as an active barrier against moisture loss and its antioxidant properties provides a great care for both hair and scalp.

Easier and smoother application:

The smoother texture and easier application make the product even more alluring to the beauty conscious people. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes to apply it to your hair either dry or damp hair; though it’s better to apply to a towel dried hair before going out. Just take a very small amount of molding clay, rub between your palms or finger tips to emulsify and soften the clay. Now apply it to your hair to see how effectively you can manipulate the styling of your hair.

Natural holding strength for a better styling:

Used evenly in your hair, a tiny portion of molding clay will enable your hair hold a natural strength to allow you give whatever styling you wish for. The product softens and swells the hair shaft as well as ensures a fuller and thicker appearance of your hair facilitating your way through styling of you hair and remolding it again and again all through the day.

But the only thing you get to aware of is that the stronger effect it does to your hair once you use it. A little dime would enough to make you feel how strong and long lasting the hold is as you wish to get it washed out. You need to use a good and strong shampoo to clear out the petroleum based product; though the dime –sized clay won’t leave a sticky or unpleasant feelings. Beeswax, Kaolin, Bentonite, Sunflower Glycerides, all-natural Essential Oils used as the ingredients of molding clay give you exactly what it requires for your hair as far as styling as well as the natural protection of your hair is concerned. So try this product, master the hair styling and change your look the way you want it.



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    • Fancywriting profile image

      Tiffany Letourneau 

      5 years ago from West Palm Beach,FL

      Great job ! This is so fascinating I should show this to my fiancé he would like this a lot. This is very useful. Can you read my first Hub post? I am new to this site I started last night(:


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