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Money Belt - Where to Find Travel, Waist, Silk, and Rick Steves Money Belts to Keep Possessions Safe

Updated on September 20, 2011

Money Belts

Money belts are the perfect way to keep your money and valuable documents safe, especially when traveling or planning on going to large, crowded places.

Money belts come in many different forms and materials.

There are waist money belts, leg money belts, neck money belts, money belts to be worn under garments or even money belts that are actually belts.

These belts are also made of different materials such as canvas, nylon, leather or silk..

I've broken the money belts listed below into different categories to help you find the one that would be most suitable for your needs in terms of both styles and materials.

Simply click on the blue link next to each item for larger pictures and more detailed descriptions.

Money Belt - Rick Steves Money Belts

Rick Steves is an expert on travel. He is an author, historian and the host of the public television series "Rick Steve's Europe". He is also the author of many travel guides.

If there is one thing he has learned in his travels, it is how important it is to keep both your money and valuable documents safe while traveling and he has come out with own very popular line of money belts to ensure that safety.

Like his other products, his money belts are designed to be practical, durable and light weight so they are made of spun silk. He also offers two different options when it comes to these money belts, one for your waist and one you can wear around your neck under your clothes.

Simply click on the blue link to the right for larger pictures and more details.

Money Belt - Eagle Creek Money Belts

Eagle Creek is another popular manufacturer of Money belts.

They have a vast array of belts to choose from such as larger belts to wear around your waist, money belts to wear around your neck, security wallets and even regular belts that have clever hidden compartments so no one would have any idea that you are carrying any kind of money belt at all.

All of these money belts are made securely with heavy-duty material to be used often and in all sorts of terrain. The regular waist belts even come in different colors to match what you are wearing.

Money Belt - Leg Money Belts

Another great way to keep your valuables safe and with you at all times comfortably is a money belt designed to wear on your leg.

Most of these belts use velcro or adjustable straps to keep the wallet secure. They come in different sizes, colors and material so you can decide on the one you would find most comfortable.

Many of them also come with lockable zippers and hidden credit card slots.

These leg belts are not only good for travel, but are also convenient for daily use such as running or walking the dog because they are the perfect for holding your keys or spending money. They are also handy for holding hotel keys or money while walking on the beach while on vacation when carrying a regular wallet is inconvenient.

Money Belts - Neck Money Belts

If you would rather not wear a belt around your leg or waist, another money belt option is a belt that you place around your neck or over your shoulder.

This ensures that your valuables stay in front you at all times and they can easily be hidden under your clothes or jacket.

There are quite a few neck money belt or neck wallet options in different sizes and colors, depending on your preferences.

This is another handy item for runners, dog walkers, or beach strollers when tucked under shirt.

Money Belts Designed As Leather and Regular Belts

These ingenious money belts are another great way to carry money around safely, because no one would ever guess that you are wearing one.

These belts can be worn with regular pants or jeans, but have small hidden compartments to hide bills. You can purchase these regular waist belts in leather or nylon.

They also come in different colors to match any outfit.

For more Leather Money Belt options in different shapes and sizes - Click here.

Money Belt - Silk Money Belts

Many people prefer silk money belts due to their comfort in wearing.

Silk money belts come in many different shapes, sizes and colors to suit just about any need, yet they will also keep your valuables safe.

Here is a selection of great belts made of silk.

Money Belt - Other Unique Clip On Money Belts

Here are a bunch of other secure ways to carry your money, drivers license, credit cards, passport and travelers checks that you may not have thought of.

Most of these items can simply clip on to your waist band and be hidden inside clothing.


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