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Monokini Swimsuits

Updated on March 26, 2011

Monikini Swimsuits

Monokini Swimsuits are going to be the hot new fashion for this summer. Not only are they sexy and desirable, they are comfortable and and they show off nearly every part of a woman's curves. It has quickly become a fashion statement for the summer time. Why wear a dull and common bikini when you can wear a very sexy monokini. Be different this summer and watch how many eyes look your way. If you are interested then please read on. This lens tells you why you should own one and also some of the best places to buy your fashionable Monokini Swimsuits

What is a monokini swimsuit?

monokini swimsuit
monokini swimsuit

Sexy comes to mind when you thing of Monokini swimsuits. Why? Well because of just how revealing and sexy a monokini swimsuit is. It's no surprise that people every where want to wear them out in public.

But what is a monokini swimsuit really? Most people consider it a one piece swimsuit that has parts cut out to show off skin. It is also considered a swimsuit that is a lot like an attached bikini. The monokini normally features a top and a bottom part and the sides are missing, exposing the woman's hips and stomach.

The monokini was actually invented long ago to actually expose a woman's breast completely ( most likely for all those topless beaches ). However during that time it was very taboo to expose your body that much. So the idea was saved for later time.

Now a days however, the idea of covering up your body completely is nearly out of the question. The monokini swimsuit allows a woman to cover up the most important parts of their bodies while still being focus to another part. Most monokini swimsuits are designed to draw a person's eyes up to the breast but some are to draw their eyes down to the crotch area. There are many different designs to choose from and both have a certain area to focus on.

Because of how sexy and popular a monokini swimsuit is you are able to find many different colors, textures and even sizes. There are actually some swimsuit designers that make monokini swimsuits for woman who are plus sized.

There really is no reason for you to not feel sexy in these very revealing swimsuits.

Where to buy monokini swimsuits are an amazing price

Now that you know just how sexy a monokini swimsuit is you are most likely dying to buy one or a dozen for yourself to wear this summer. The best please to look for a monokini swimsuit is in a department store.

There are many department stores all over the world that have a special section just for monokini style swimsuits. So you will be able to find them right away. Don't forget to watch out for department store sales around early summer and late spring. Many times you will be able to find that designer monokini style swimsuit for half the retail price.

Also be sure to look at discount stores. There are tons of discount stores all over the world ; even some online. Plan for a set budget and start your search online before jumping into the local discount stores. It's also best to keep a fairly open mind. You might find that a monokini swimsuit looks really bad on the rack but once you try it out it may make your body look amazing.

You can also find monokini swimsuits in thrift stores if you look hard enough. Because monokini swimsuits are so popular you might not see these all your around or at all times but if you are lucky you might discover one or even two in your size that are well below the budget you had in mind.

You don't have to visit stores to find your monokini swimsuit. If you are already know what size your are then buying your swimsuit online might be the best thing for you. When you decide to buy any type of clothing online find as much detail as you can. You don't want to risk the item being too small or even too big. Ask questions to the store if they allow questions. And also stick with the things you already know. If you already know a certain monokini swim suit style fits you better then the rest then go for that one when shopping online. You can experiment later on while in a department or discount store.

So get out these are shop for that perfect monokini swimsuit that will every guy within 50 feet drooling over your amazing body.

You will look amazing in a Monokini swimsuit

monokini swimsuit
monokini swimsuit

It's a really sexy style of bathing suit. A monokini swimsuit is both sexy and classy. The extra showing of skin and how well your breast will look is the main factor that makes a monokini swimsuit so appealing to people.

First there are many styles of a monokini swimsuit. You can find some monokini swimsuits that show more skin than others and some monokini swimsuits that make your breast appear to be bigger than than actually are. Because of the many number of styles you can choose from you are able to find just the right monokini swimsuit that will make you look amazing and also feeling amazing.

A monokini swim suit can be a lot like a huge ego boast also. Because you look amazing and you know you look amazing you will be of course more confident.

Monokini swimsuits have the ablity to make a woman look at smaller than they really are. This is because with so much skin showing you appear to be skinner. The fabric also slims down your chest and belly. For example if you decide to go with a monokini swim suit that has a far amount of fabric going from the breast area to the panty area, this will make your stomach seem smaller since it will be covered up with fabric but the sides and back won't be.

On the other hand if you decide to buy a monokini swimsuit that instead shows off as much skin as posible you will then be showing all your best features. You want to make sure that you keep things simple while making them sexy. The best way to do that is to try to focus on one of your best features instead of all of them.

A monokini swimsuit will make your body look amazing with out a lot of effort also.

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