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The Most Powerful Amazing Mask for Wrinkles, Acne, Body Flab With Quick Results

Updated on April 4, 2011

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Warning this mask is not your everyday put it on take it off and hope for results in month or two.  Pulling blood to the areas of wrinkles, acne, blackheads, and flabby skin allows it to start rejuvenating new cells This mask is so powerful it will literally pull the dirt, debris, and toxins from deep inside your pores like you never thought possible
It brings so much blood to the area treated you will feel your skin pulsating, which actually feels very strange in the beginning.  If left to dry totally the clay will crack.  Your skin will have a pink (bright pink if left to dry totally) glow and feel of rejuvenation as if it had just had a peel or facial.

Like It or Not

Like it or not we subject our skin to abuse everyday, especially our face. We put on make up, expose it to dirt, pollution, allergens, cleansers with alcohol, and who knows what other chemicals daily. As with our internal body we really should do a cleansing to detox those elements periodically (something I should do more often:).
If your like me and have horses that you brush, hooves and stalls to clean, along with the dogs, house, or are just outside a lot, this is escalated X 1000% or more. If you read my article about coconut oil (click on look younger for pennies) you know that I have spent thousands of dollars on everything from wrinkle creams, masks, moisturizers, etc, and am also someone with an incredibly sensitive face. This stuff is like nothing I’ve ever encountered and one of the most inexpensive treatments I’ve found. When it dries you can see and feel it pulling your skin, (be careful not to close around the eyes).

OK the Downside

Again this is not one of your 5 minute, squeeze it out of a tube and jump in the shower type masks.  You need to mix it up, (prefer the apple cider vinegar) leave it on until it dries (or close to it) and it takes a little longer to take off.  Its clay so you need to use a washcloth to wash it off.  I don’t recommend using a prepackaged cleansing cloth due to the various chemicals you would be putting back into your skin, remember it is a healing clay so let it work its magic.  Just let it dry and be amazed at the results. If you've ever been one of those women who would love to be able to go without makeup, (and jealous of others that do-at least I'm honest about it) I'm sure this is the key.
If you use it on your body (I am definitely going to do some before and after pictures for this one) you are probably going to have to rinse the shower or tub good after rinsing it off.   I’m not sure but I think this is what they used when I went for my body wrap (that was long time ago) and will help my varicose veins. 


Aztec Secret is an amazing product that works.  It is no doubt the most powerful mask out there and the healing factors are incredible. It is something that I would highly recommend in a heart beat, and if you’ve looked at my other hubs not something I do often.

Take a look at the prices listed and you will again be amazed at the cost opposed to the results, and the greatest thing is it’s natural.  YEEEHAW
Then take a look at the reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars and that’s not just for one or two reviews.

Have an incredible day.  I’m in Florida and it’s time to get outside, it’s a beautiful day.


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    • Charlu profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Azebaian

      Will they ship it to you if you order it from Amazon? I will try to find a distributor for you if you let me know where your from. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully we can find someone.

    • profile image

      from Azerbaijan 

      6 years ago

      We are want this mask but have not here!...


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