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Mother of the Groom Dresses

Updated on September 17, 2014
Rose Crochet Formal Evening Dress and Jacket - Mother of Bride & Groom Dress
Rose Crochet Formal Evening Dress and Jacket - Mother of Bride & Groom Dress | Source

Choose a Beautiful Dress for Your Son's Wedding Day!

This year I am Mother of the Groom! Are you? I believe the hardest decision I have ever made was what to wear to my son's wedding. It feels that way anyway. I want to look right for the photos they will have taken at the wedding and although it is clear all eyes will be on my son and his lovely bride I know later what I wore will be an important part of the archive.

I'm not a 'dress up' kind of person in general. I usually wear blue jeans. Getting 'dressed up' usually means I wear a blouse instead of a t-shirt and find a cute sweater or blazer to wear with it. I look everywhere for a dress. Each one had something not right. So, I thought I should put together a page with the best ideas. And I'll include some of the tips I learned along the way.

Congratulations on your son's wedding and welcoming a new 'daughter' into the family. It is such a delight to see my son beaming with love and my new daughter-in-law couldn't be more of a delight!

Long Dresses for Spring Weddings

A Spring Wedding ...

There are many ways to approach selecting a dress for your son's wedding. I went through the spectrum of ways before I settled down a bit. What I decided (after trying a lot of other ways) was to contact the Mother of the Bride and ask her what she was going to wear.

That turned out to be the most productive approach of all! I exchanged a few emails and photos with my new daughter's Mum. Made a new friend. And, found the perfect dress!!

Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress #571 (Large, Eggplant)
Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress #571 (Large, Eggplant)

A classic style is often the best choice for mother of the groom. Ask questions about the activities being planned for before, during, and after the ceremony. One interesting way to plan the day and evening is to have a dress which has a shawl or wrap around. With it on you are more formal. Then after the ceremony and photos it would be easier to be a bit more relaxed without leaving to change.


Beautiful Long Mother of the Groom Dresses

Long Spring Formals...

How do you dress for a spring formal? Most of the time this isn't so daunting. But, being the mother of the groom somehow made it mysterious. I started feeling as if I was never going to even narrow down the options enough to make a decision.

Ask the bride what her wedding colors are and ask for examples. When a hue is not clear online (so many of us depend on technology to communicate this kind of thing) ask her if she has a swatch of anything she can mail to you.

In most cases she will have two or three colors you can work with and having the swatch will give you ideas how to coordinate with her wedding color scheme.

Color Catalog Mother of the Groom Dresses for Spring - Sometimes you just need to find the right color...

Wedding Dress for Mother of the Groom Color Catalog...

Most weddings have a color scheme and when you know what colors are an option you are ready to choose the right dress.

Colors To Confirm First...

While I was researching I heard it is best to ask before you wear:

  • white,
  • black, or
  • red.

There may be a reason, but, I didn't investigate more because the 'unofficial' third color for my son's wedding is black (the men will all be wearing black formal suits) and it turned out I found a lovely black dress to wear.

Mother of the Groom Wedding Dresses on eBay Today

Auctions for Clothes...

I wouldn't have imagined this but, yes, you can find great formals and much more at an auction. I would recommend this as long as you are going to have time and someone to help you to alter the piece if the size isn't just right.

You will want to communicate with the seller so you can ask specific questions. Such as ''are there stains on this anywhere at all?" Let the seller know you are not at all interested and will demand a refund if there is a glaring flaw you are not aware before you buy (stain, tear, etc).

Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress #831 (X-Large, Eggplant)
Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress #831 (X-Large, Eggplant)

For a day as important as a wedding it might be a good idea to buy all of the dresses at once and work around the color they are or ask the vendor if they will provide a swatch for you.

So you can hold that color in your hand a little while and show members of your wedding party.


Select Styles with Multiple Sizes and Colors

Pick A Style...

If you have an idea of the style of dress you would like to wear to your son's wedding then these tips are going to save you a lot of time.

  1. Pick a style you like which comes in several colors and sizes.
  2. Be sure to select a size first to ensure the color you like is also available in your size.
  3. Use a different measurement guide depending on the manufacturer of the dress. The vary by manufacturer so this will help in selecting the right size for that design.
  4. Share your choice with the Bride as soon as possible and before you purchase a dress. The style may interest her to shop for other colors and sizes for the wedding party as well.

This is a great example of a dress which comes in many colors and sizes. Be sure to remember color choices online are going to be a bit different for each of the people looking at them. The monitor on a PC will look different than the viewer on an iPad.

Tea Length Dresses for Mother of the Groom

How Long -- How Short...

This question will be a personal one for each of us. For myself I wanted an ankle length dress. I'll not go into the reason. If you are comfortable in a shorter dress then consider a 3-4 inch below the knee style (for a formal wedding). If the wedding is not formal, and you are usually wearing shorter styles, you can select a style 3-4 inches above the knee.

This suggestion is based on my personal experience. Again, if you are not sure, ask the Bride and ask her Mum.

How did you decide? - What approach to choosing a great mother of the groom dress for a spring wedding did you choose?

How did you decide?

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  • treasuresabound profile image

    treasuresabound 5 years ago

    Congratulation, hope you all have a great day at the wedding. These mother if the groom dresses are gorgeous and hopefully someday u get to pick out one for my son's wedding. That will be many more years to come as they are still way too young.

  • profile image

    Joan4 5 years ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed being the mother of the groom about 15 years ago! My daughter-in-law helped me every step of the way - in fact, she chose my dress. I love all these mother of the groom dresses for spring weddings! Lovely indeed!