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My Camper Peu Cami Boots Are the Gift I Gave Myself

Updated on October 6, 2013

A Pair of Camper Shoes Makes a High Impact Gift!

I'm dizzy with delight over my suede and textured leather shoes. I bought them on Amazon for easy no-cost exchange. It couldn't be easier to return a misfitting size for one that truly fits. I'm impressed by the quick turnaround time.

I Was New to the Brand but She May Already Know Their Quality

Sounding as it does, like a tent company, I was delighted to know that great craftsmanship and technical innovations and sustainable ecology are the hallmarks of their products. I've included a video below that features some of the basics of this shoe.

I Looked For an Everyday Casual Ankle Boot

It was intended to take the place of athletic shoes which make my feet sweat and look dorky with a skirt, when I just want to pop out to the grocery or keep an appointment..

It was Important That the Shoes Also Fit With Longer Skirts

Sure, I wanted them to go with jeans, but I often wear skirts even on off-days. The high ankle boot style does look great with pants and skirts.

Yes, I Did Search in Some Stores

Once again, stores had nothing to suit my narrow foot so I turned to Amazon and found the Camper Peu Cami. Gone are the good old days when I could find a perfect fit in a brick and mortar shoe store. I miss the knowledgeable attention to my feet (long from heel to ball, and shorter toes than expected for such a long foot). But I've walked more than a few trails and sidewalks and now know my feet pretty well so I'm happy ordering online.

Those Cheap Plasticky Shoes are Too Hot, Wide and Flat for Me

My feet are crying out to breathe. It's never been an option for me to buy the cheap shoes from discount and other high volume shoe stores. Sadly, friends and family swear by them and then complain about their painful sweaty feet.

Even Strangers Comment on my Camper Shoes Fine Design

I'd expect the same thing for the lucky recipient of your gift shoes. Camper takes supportive smart design and adds their own special variations. No sooner had I sat down in the waiting room than the grandmotherly lady seated next to me remarked about the super design of my shoes. She even wanted to touch them to feel the durability of the leather, so I took one off to show her the inside. That's a first!

On My Peu Cami Booties Its the Laces and Texture That Stand Out!

One single elasticized lace knots at the toe and zigzags up the front to both decorate and fasten the shoe on my foot. I think that simple understated feature catches people's attention. The side zipper allows for easy slipping into the shoes and quick removal for anyone like me who has some age related stiffness.

Comfy Cushioned Arch

First, I had purchased a mod looking high rise tennie, but it was so wide that after trying one on my largest foot, I didn't bother with the other one - I just plunked it back in the box, resealed the box, printed the label and it was picked up the next day --- at my door. That was when I settled on the Camper and placed my order.

The arch and footbed have resilient give. Since they are boot style I do wear a sock inside, but if you're a barefoot gal, go for it. When I know i'm going to be on my feet I tuck in my orthotic because my arch is a little higher than provided. In the future I'll checkout the latest Campers before making any decision.

My 5 Star Review of My Berry Peu Camis on Amazon

It's a Relief to Know That There's a Wide Selection to Choose From

Camper Women's 46515, Negro, 41 EU/11 M US
Camper Women's 46515, Negro, 41 EU/11 M US

This sleek design is smart with understatement. Camper has a philosophy they are spreading with style: Walk, Don't Run!

I think these would make my feet feel light as a feather and I might be walking more rapidly than they want, but I can imagine how they would feel, and how they would look with my feet crossed at the ankles.

These will be a perfect fit with my long corduroy skirt.

Camper Women's Rumbo 46495 Ankle Boot
Camper Women's Rumbo 46495 Ankle Boot

Here's a super cool kinda Retro look leather number that I might have selected for casual wear. I'm not so sure i would wear it with skirts - or maybe I'm really sure about that.

Camper Women's 46559 Boot
Camper Women's 46559 Boot

I'm really a country girl at heart, making me comfortable with a natural tan suede boot.

This one is better than ever because it has a fabric cuff at the top, to provide warmth below the knee.

Even with the plush look to the sueded leather the boot still has a nice slim profile.


A Sweet Little Video Explains Why

we much less likely to have an allergic reaction to the leather in Camper Shoes.

Photo Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Any Comments? Have you tried Campers? Do you like the lace-up style?

I just saw my first Campers Store in a local upscale mall but their selection was tiny compared to what I found on Amazon.


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    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      These are really cute.

    • lesliesinclair profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @sousababy: They do resemble moccasins, but they're not nearly as soft.

    • sousababy profile image


      5 years ago

      These Camper boots remind me of comfortable pair of moccasins I once had - only I like this color much better.


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