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My Daughter's Birthday Dream & Doc Marten

Updated on October 30, 2013

When I was small, I had this amazing pair of shiny black shoes. I use to imagine they were fancy tap shoes. In reality they were boys shoes that I had to wear because I had narrow feet. But they were special to me, and I still love black shiny shoes. I even have one pair of Dr Marten's my sister gave me that I save for special.

Enter my daughter. She joined Air Cadets as soon as she was old enough. She use to love polishing her boots, and one of our friends in the military showed her how to get those boots looking like glass. I guess the love of shiny boots stuck with her too, because for her 34th Birthday, these 'Docs' are what she asked for.

I hummed and hawed over buying them for a while, what does a working mom of two small kids want with these boots!? But in reality, I can't think of a better constructed pair of boots, they will last her for as long as she wants to wear them, and maybe she can pass them to her daughter. The style is a step up from a motorcycle boot and nowadays, where anything goes, they can go with any outfit at all! Dress and colourful tights, jeans, boot cut or even skinnies.

Anyway, in the end I was happy to buy them and she was over the moon. It is nice when you can still get your kids something they really like, even when they're older. Now I understand how difficult I was to shop for, sorry mom, I should have just pointed you to the shiny shoe department.

I love Doc Martens, both the shoes and boots, They last for ever, literally, and I love the styles. Even though the boots look very military style and masculine, when a women wears them they can be the most feminine and flattering - really!! Take a look!

Are you a Doc lover?

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