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My Dead Sea Mud Soap Reviews: Adovia And Jericho Natural Dead Sea Mud Soaps For Acne And Better Skin

Updated on September 30, 2011

Want Some Mud Soap From The Dead Sea?

Basically I have two wonderful products to share with you: Adovia Natural Dead Sea Mud Soap - Great for Eczema, Psoriasis or Acne! and Jericho Dead Sea Minerals Mud Soap-4.4 Oz.. Both soaps are great for Psoriasis, acne, rosacea, and eczema. They will take care of your skin and will help you look great always.

Adovia Natural Dead Sea Mud Soap is able to cleanse your skin as a regular soap, but along with this it enriches your skin with valuable minerals, which helps it to remain moisturized and nourished. This is possible because of the Dead Sea mud that has been used for ages to treat skin disorders. The soap is completely natural and can even help you with acne.

dead sea mud soap benefits
dead sea mud soap benefits

Adovia Mud Soap For Everyday Use

The application is very simple: just use it on your face or body and rinse. Don't let it enter your eyes though.

While many Adovia Dead Sea Mud Soap reviews normally state the official product description, here I want to share a bit of info I got from my friends and my own experience with the soap.

It is not expensive for such a great natural product. I cannot guarantee that you will get of your acne completely using this soap, but what I can say for sure is that this soap literally changed my life! Yes, probably you heard about Dead Sea mud soap benefits, but I have to tell you, that when you have been having acne since being a teenager, and now, just after using this little bar of soap you see a dramatic improvement on your skin, it is really something that makes you love the thing! But the way, for those of you who suffer from too oily skin this soap is just a lifebuoy! It regulates the PH of your facial skin (or something, I'm not an expert here), and somehow it becomes less oily.

Funny it is but one of my friends who had a similar problem with his face saw almost immediate effect after using this soap - his oily skin became normal on the first day of usage! That's right, you cannot expect this for everyone I guess, but this was just incredible!

So, in conclusion here I want to say that I almost forgot my acne after I started using this wonderful mud soap from the Dead Sea. BTW, I need to mention it here that the skin on my body also feels great since I started to use the soap. Cannot explain it in details, but the idea is that I feel somewhat 'lighter' after having washed with it. Maybe the soap is able to deeply cleanse my skin or something, but now this is one of the few things I really use in my bathroom today. Why? Because I completely satisfied with it.

OK, what about Jericho Dead Sea Minerals Mud Soap?

This one I used fewer times, but it is very similar to Adovia Natural Dead Sea Mud Soap. I mean, when I don't have Adovia at hand, I simply get Jericho soap and go with it. Actually it was just $1 more expensive when I bought it last time; but I think this is not a big deal, especially when it works almost the same and when your favorite soap is not at hand. I think, almost any Dead Sea mud soap works just fine if it is of a good quality and is completely natural.

Just as Adovia it will not dry your skin, but rather balances it; I've got a felling that these mud soaps give some kind of protection for my skin along with deep dirt cleansing. Cannot prove this, it's just what I feel.

If you don't like the scent many modern soaps have, you will be pleased as these soaps have no aggressive scent at all; everything is pure and natural. Ha-ha, my brother who is also a frequent user of Jericho Dead Sea Minerals Mud Soap, says that he will going to use it forever - so much he likes it!

I heard that you can make a Dead Sea mud soap recipe at home of you have the ingredients at hand, but I'm not a sort of person who will make soap for himself, especially if there are such wonderful mud soap brands as Adovia and Jericho.

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    • atma108 profile image

      atma108 6 years ago

      @jimmyworldstar: Jimmy, I think you can do that.

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      jimmyworldstar 6 years ago

      I've read that mud soaps are good at drawing out impurities and cleansing your skin. Can I buy these at a specialty shop offline?