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My Favorite Ethnic Clothes

Updated on August 20, 2013

My Favorite Ethnic Clothes

Ethnic clothes are becoming more and more popular owing to its wonderful physical appearance, uniqueness and rarity, making the person wearing it stands out. In case you are wondering what ethnic clothes are, you can see them as apparels associated to people of a specific culture.

Countries all over the world have certain costumes that are peculiar to them. Some of these clothes are worn on specific occasions. One of the things I have noticed about ethnic clothes is that they attract peoples attention and would easily spark up of conversation at dinners and cocktails. I think everyone should have at least one apparel from another culture in their wardrope.

In case you are looking to for a special attire to add to your wardrope. This article is going to give you a heads start about some options to explore.


Womens Short Caftans

The women short Kaftan otherwise known as poncho is a traditional attire that can be worn together with a pair of trousers as a top or over a swim wear while heading to the beach or pool. It is as comfortable as your pajamas and easily slips over the head.

Although, the kaftan is of Persian origin many countries have now adopted the costume. The most popular Kaftans are the Russian kaftan, Morrocan, West African and Ottoman Kaftans.

dashiki tops
dashiki tops

Dashiki Tops

Daskiki tops are made of lace materials, has a local embroidering around the chest region and the option of a hat. They are ideal for formal occasions like wedding, naming ceremony etc. It can be worn with a pair of plain trouser or even with a pant made out of the same cloth material.

It is predominantly worn by natives of Nigeria and Ghana in West Africa.


Kente Cloth Pattern Umbrella Dress

This costume is so called because the gown forms the shape of an umbrella as it runs from the torso to the knee. Kente Cloth Pattern Umbrella Dress presents a simple but yet eye catching design and fabric. There is a very cool dance move that wearing this dress can give you the option of showing.

The origin of the Kente cloth can be traced back to the Akan people in the Ashanti region of Ghana before it spread to other parts of West Africa and now the world. A popular legend about the origin of Kente says that the first Kente was made by two friends who went hunting and were captivated by the sight of a spider making its web in the forest. They returned home and tried to replicate the same process they had seen for weaving clothes.


The buba is multicultural blouse that is made from a colourful fabric and is worn by women in Nigeria and many parts of West Africa. Buba can be worn for both formal and informal occasion depending on the wrapper or skirts worn alongside. The word “buba” means blouse in Yoruba language.

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