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My Favorite Fragrance Comes In A Box With Yellow Stripes

Updated on September 28, 2014

Giorgio Beverly Hills For Women

As you see here in the picture to my left, I have an empty bottle of my favorite fragrance. The Giorgio Beverly Hills For Women is a terrific scent for everyday wear. From the looks of things here -- it is time to get a new bottle. This is my all-time, go-to perfume for work and daily outings. The box it comes in has a yellow stripe pattern and the liquid is tinted a yellow-gold. The soft fragrance is not over whelming and does not conflict with my numerous allergy issues so I can comfortably use it daily.

One of my favorite seasonal gigs when I was younger was handling the counter at a discount fragrance store in an outlet mall. I loved testing the different scents and perfumes but some of them really caused reactions for me. It is not fun to try and sell a perfume in between sneezes. Sometimes, I would end up wheezing, but I would walk out of that store at the end of the day smelling fantastic!

In my travels through the inventory of the store, testing fragrances for customers and people that were just browsing, I ran across this inexpensive fragrance and immediately bought it in the mini trial-sized package. I tried that first because the little bottle was so cute and of course it smelled terrific! I later purchased the larger sized 1.7 Eau De Toilette spray bottle and have made it a point to keep it in my personal collection.

Giorgio Beverly Hills For Women - Eau De Toilette Spray

Eau de toilette is the French phrase for toilet water. No, this fragrance is not made from water out of the commode! It is a careful blend of weakened perfume that leaves a nice, lingering scent but will eventually fade. It is generally under 12% oil and the rest is alcohol. A perfume has a higher concentration of essential oils and lasts for hours.

The Giorgio Beverly Hills for women works for about 6 hours before it fades gently away like a butterfly leaving a flower...

I know of some aromatic perfumes last for days because they have such strong oils in their chemical base. There are even some colognes and perfumes that use skunk oil in them! I personally like a light, citrusy flair or soft, powdery floral essences. I try not to wear "old lady" perfumes! You know the ones I am talking about...

Information on percentages courtesy of

Giorgio By Giorgio Beverly Hills For Women, Eau De Toilette Natural Spray, 3 Fl.oz (Packaging May Vary)
Giorgio By Giorgio Beverly Hills For Women, Eau De Toilette Natural Spray, 3 Fl.oz (Packaging May Vary)

This 3.0 sized spray bottle will last me about 6 months if I use it sparingly. I do like to wear it most of the time. It is a great scent for work as it is not one of those overpowering perfumes that get to a destination before I do. It is a soft, lady like scent that gently tints the air around me with a powdery fresh quality.

Bergomot Essential Oil - Image: Wikipedia commons license
Bergomot Essential Oil - Image: Wikipedia commons license

How Do They Make Perfume

And Toilet Water?

In a carefully combined mixes of essential oils drawn from flowers, wood, herbs, and spices, perfume is created and added to an alcohol base for use. It can be floral scents or spices. The higher the content of alcohol the weaker the solution is and the lighter the scent.

Toilette water has a higher content of alcohol in it so it won't last as long. It is generally sold in a spray container for misting the body. This lighter fragrance is more likely to fade after a time and is generally a more inexpensive formula. Perfume on the other hand would most likely be sold in a bottle that one can use for dispensing in tiny drops. It is usually a very heady essence.

Perfume is mostly oils and will last a very long period of time. Because of the valuable oils, perfume tends to be very expensive. The chemistry of perfumes is a complicated science. It involves having a great sense of smell and a good understanding of chemical compounds to make the perfume work and perform well. By perform well I mean that the blend should compliment the fragrance. It should have several odors in it that are pleasing in scent. As the wearer applies it -- it will have a certain scent or note that will stand out when applied. When a few hours go by a stronger more solid scent will stay on. These combinations are known as notes. There are generally at least 3 in any perfume or toilette.

There is a great story about a woman that owned a perfume farm in the book Reap the Wind by Iris Johansen which offers not only a good deal of insight to perfume, but it is an intriguing thriller.

The main ingredient in most perfumes such as this one is Bergamot oil which is drawn from a type of orange. It is a common ingredient in perfumery.

Image used under Wikipedia public commons license for free distribution.

What Are The Ingredients - In This Fragrance?

Bergomot is the first item in the list and Mandarin is the second essential oil for this charming fragrance.

Mandarin is a scent that makes this fragrance soft and light along with florals like Rose, Carnation, and Jasmine oils. These are probably the reason I love this so much. Carnations and Roses are my favorite flowers followed closely by Jasmine.

I am a very earthy person and these odors appeal to me very much. The second I spray this on it is like visiting a meadow with beautiful flowers and trees and tastefully decorated gardens. It helps me look past the desert heat and the blistering temperatures I face as I hit the trail to work -- preparing to look great, drive for miles if I need to, and still have that feminine touch to my aura even when dressed in a black suit and tie.

The other notes are woody scents - Sandalwood and Cedarwood. These are frequently found as ingredients in fragrant incense and oils for burning. Sandalwood by itself is a fantastic scent and one of the incense flavors I like to have in my home. When I separate the ingredients it is easy to see what makes this eau de toilette so appealing to me.

That Tiny Collector Bottle That Led Me To Giorgio

That Tiny Collector Bottle That Led Me To Giorgio. Enhancing a lighter scent by layering it with a lotion or a powder with the same fragrance will give you staying power.
That Tiny Collector Bottle That Led Me To Giorgio. Enhancing a lighter scent by layering it with a lotion or a powder with the same fragrance will give you staying power.

Trying out a fragrance in small sized styles is important so you can tell how a scent is going to work with your body's chemical make up. Sometimes different factors affect the way it smells. If people come up to you and tell you how wonderful your fragrance is that is a sure fire sign that you have the right scent on. It has mixed with your body's natural chemistry in a complimentary way!

The business I work in now has me wary of the scents I wear. There are times when a client requests a driver that is a non-smoker and wears no cologne. We have to be wary of what we wear and how strong they are. Frequently we have a celebrity that is very picky about odors and this may be one of our special instructions. This essence works well with the job I do and it does not cause a heavy fog around me that would otherwise be annoying.

This long lasting, cheap fragrance stays smelling nice even after a couple of hours is important to me not only for my well being but for my budget.

I wish I had a scratch and sniff panel to add here so you could fully enjoy this page fully!

Thanks for visiting.

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