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My Favourite Fragrance: Romance by Ralph Lauren

Updated on January 12, 2014

This is my absolute favourite perfume. It's delightful fragrance has been with me since my mum gave it to me as a birthday present at least 20 years ago.

Everyone always tells me how good I smell when I'm wearing it and I can honestly say I wear it for every special occasion and even the not so special ones ;) If you know the fragrance I'm sure you've heard the same thing, it is quite distinct and one of the few things I absolutely refuse to live without.

Romance is for the evenings but you can always dab a little of the lotion on in the day as well. I don't like to 'waste' it and am forever having to tell my teenage girls to stay away from it so I think I will have to get the older one a set for her Sweet 16 birthday this month!

True story: I once had a brand new bottle - a gift from my brother (you see everyone knows what to get me) - in a handbag that was stolen - all I can say is I hope whoever ended up with my perfume appreciated it as much as I did Thankfully my phone, keys and wallet were not in that bag and the insurance company covered the cost of the broken car window I had to replace but the perfume was still definitely a great loss to me.

If you have never tried Romance by Ralph Lauren (and YES, there is Romance for MEN as well) or given it as a gift to a special someone in your life, please do, I can promise you won't regret it.

A gift set is perfect - you can even give the pieces individually to friends :)

If you aren't convince yet, this will certainly do the trick :)

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