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Purple Vera Bradley Tote: My Fave Catchall

Updated on October 19, 2013

My parents have cut back in their retirement years on holiday and birthday gifts, with great reason, so I was surprised when this arrived just ahead of my birthday last year. My Mom said to watch for a package, and she had sent me a rose bush in preceding years. Needless to say, I was a bit puzzled when I opened a wild purple tote! I love purple, and I definitely enjoy cute handbags. I don't indulge in them as much in my parenting years. I was just a bit surprised by the indulgent gift...thrilled, but definitely surprised!

I learned that all of the women in the family, my sister and sisters-in-law, received similar bags for their birthdays that year. My mother works in a candy shop part time, and she notices the Vera Bradley bags that are carried by her customers. She mentioned that she just loves the colorful patterns and that she just had to do this for birthdays! I was relieved that it wasn't a matter of her reading one of my online articles about the fun bags because I do enjoy browsing the patterns. The Vera Bradley line is filled with beautiful floral and colorful options. Anyway, I am totally thrilled with my Very Berry Paisley tote.

As a busy mom, this tote has served my needs on short and long trips in the past year.

  • It went with me to pick my daughter up at college in the spring and to drop her off again in the fall. It's just the right size for an overnight supply of clothes and toiletries.
  • It went with me to Legoland this September, holding a number of essentials for the four-day trip.
  • It travels with me into the big city about an hour away from home, carrying my netbook when I need to work while waiting at an orthodontist appointment for one of the kids.
  • It accompanies me to family holiday events.
  • It carries some of my puppets and props when I'm doing a special lesson at Sunday School.
  • It assists in holding my ESL books and supplies on ministry nights.
  • It's great for outings to the soccer field or park.

I can imagine that this would have been a beautiful diaper bag in the days when I carried them. Since I'm beyond those days, I'll just keep Vera Bradley in mind for my own kids' futures!

My tote is a thick and quilted bag, very durable but very pretty and fun. It's eye catching, and I've had many people admire it as I've carried it to different functions in the world. In fact, one lady at church wanted me to let my mom know that she was willing to be a recipient of a similar bag.

My mom says that Vera Bradley bags seem to be extremely popular...she sees them frequently at the candy store. Our eye doctor also features both the bags and coordinating specs in his optometry products display. Very trendy but not too funky for the grown woman with a boatload of kids and a busy slate of activities. You don't have to get a large tote, but let me tell you, this is one of the best and most durable tote bags I've ever owned! Love it!

Vera Bradley Vera XL Tote Bag in Ellie Blue
Vera Bradley Vera XL Tote Bag in Ellie Blue

Summery colors make this a great pattern.

Vera Bradley Vera Xl Tote Bag in Summer Cottage
Vera Bradley Vera Xl Tote Bag in Summer Cottage

Reds, whites and blues for the summer patriotic season!

Vera Bradley Vera XL Tote Bag in Boysenberry
Vera Bradley Vera XL Tote Bag in Boysenberry

Another excellent choice for the purple fanatic!


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