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Nail Art Product Reviews

Updated on October 17, 2014

Ideas for Beautiful Nails


Product Reviews for various types of Nail Art Supplies

Welcome to my nail art product reviews for various types of nail art tools and nail art supplies that I have personally used. I love to wear nail polish. I enjoy decorating my fingernails and toenails with different types of nail art designs.

Here are some product reviews that I've tried. This is a work in progress so, please bear with me and be sure to bookmark the page so, you can come back later to find even more nail art product reviews.

Beautiful Nail Art

Beautiful nail art in cheetah print and other items available by clicking the source link.
Beautiful nail art in cheetah print and other items available by clicking the source link. | Source

Diamond Strength Instant Hardener

Sally Hansen Nail Care Instant Hardener, Diamond Strength is a common nail art supply around our house. It is useful for both a base coat and a topcoat. It is clear in color - even though the bottle is silver in color.Therefore, it is versatile for various uses when it involves nail care.

It works well to harden the nails. It helps make nails stronger. I like using it alone, as a base or as a topcoat to seal my manicures to make them last longer.

Here are some more of my favorite types of nail art supplies and nail art products...

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

...are awesome nail art products...

I was a bit curious one day while shopping and decided I'd like to try some of the Sally Hansen nail polish strips. I applied them and wore them for nearly 3 weeks with hardly any chipping at all. Sally Hansen Salon Effects real nail polish strips are definitely worth buying and wearing. Try them and you might like them too.

Polish Remover

It is simple. It is a given - when you use nail polish, you will need some nail polish remover in order to properly remove polish from your nails. There are many different types and brands of polish remover from which one may choose to use. Use the type of remover that works best to remove the type of polish that you are using.

Sally Hansen brand is a brand that is most commonly used in our home. However, that is not to say that we do not use other types of polish remover. As long as it works well, choose they brand or type that you most prefer to use for removing your nail art designs.

Lovely Nails


What are Your Favorite Nail Art Products?

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