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Essential nail art tools for doing many different kinds of designs

Updated on December 7, 2012

There are lots of nail art tools that are available for nail art lovers. Doing your nails at the salon can be very expensive due to required frequents visits to keep them beautiful. If you want to do nail art yourself, you can save tons of money and enjoy the experience at the same time. This hub is all about essential nail art tools that you will need for doing lots of different designs.

Nail polish in lots of colors – You will need all the basic colors. For starters, these colors include, white, black, red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, silver, gold, blue and green. Furthermore, there are lots of variations when it comes to these colors. For example, I have a few shades of pink, baby pink, neon pink, sheer glittery pink, just to name a few. Another thing I want to mention is that nail polish will never go bad. When it gets a little thicker, you just need to add appropriate amounts of nail polish thinner to make it like new again. You should never throw out a bottle of nail polish.

Nail art brushes – A complete set of nail art brushes is very important because you can use them to do designs. These can be purchased at online stores such as Amazon and Ebay. Small brushes are great for detailing work, while thin and long brushes are great for drawing straight lines.

Base coat and top coat – Base coat is essential because it will protect your nails from discoloration; dark color nail polishes tend to stain nails. Top coat is important because it protects your design, makes your work last longer and gives your nails more shine. Some nail designs do not appear smooth and will require top coats to make the final art look amazing. For most designs, you will have to wait until the polish is completely dry before applying the top coat.

Acetone – One hundred percent acetone is essential for nail artists because it is very efficient at removing nail polish. Regular nail polish can be easily removed. However, glitters are very stubborn. For anyone that is somewhat serious about their nails, 100% acetone will make your life so much easier.

Dotting tools in different sizes – Dotting tools come in several sizes to make dots of different diameters. Lots of nail art professionals use these tools to easily create designs. Sometimes, an entire nail art is created by nothing but dotting tools. In addition to creating dots, dotting tools can be used as tiny brushes to color a small area on nails. If you don't have these tools, other circular things around the house can help you achieve similar results.

my polka dots nails without dotting tools

Rhinestones – These small inexpensive rhinestones come in a package of different colors, sizes and designs. They will easily dress up ordinary nails. Many Japanese nail art designs utilize lots of rhinestones. You should get a whole bunch of them at an online store for the best bargain.

Glitter powder in different colors – Another way to easily add bling to any design is to use glitter powders. Before the nail polish dries on the nail, dip the nail in the powder jar to get a super bling effect instantly. You will also need to use a fan brush to dust off the extra glitter powders on your nail.

Fimo nail art sticks – Fimo nail art rubber sticks can be sliced into thin pieces with a sharp knife. You need to apply a coat of nail polish and before it dries, place the Fimo thin pieces in the desired spots. These canes help you create cute looks without much effort. The important thing is to slice them into very thin pieces for easy application and long lasting nail art.

Nail art stamping tools – Another way to create beautiful nail art for those that are not very artistic is through the use of nail art stamping tools. These tools come with a set of designs that you can simply transfer onto your nails. Even for those that are not good at drawing, you will still have intricate designs on your nail that everyone is jealous of.


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    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 

      5 years ago from India

      Nice nail art. I will try them all :)


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