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Buy Name Necklaces Online

Updated on July 15, 2011

Name Necklaces - The Perfect Gift

Name necklaces make lovely gifts, whether you are buying them as a present for yourself, or for someone else.

They are a great way of giving a personalized gift, and of course a personalized gift highlights the fact that a lot of thought has gone into whatever is bought.

Choose from elegant script writing to more funky styles, from names made up of individual letters on glass beads to having your name written on a grain of rice and hung in a vial from a necklace. With so many options the perfect choice is just waiting to be made.

Name necklaces are suitable for birthdays and anniversaries, as a romantic gift for a loved one, or just as a fun gift for a friend.


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PINK - Custom No 2 Lucite Personalized Neckace by Body Candy
PINK - Custom No 2 Lucite Personalized Neckace by Body Candy

Types of Name Necklaces Materials

 These necklaces are available in a range of materials including gold, sterling silver and clear Lucite (a type of acrylic).

Those which have your name engraved on a grain of rice have a variety of holders including mini vials, little dolphins, bottles and crosses to name but a few options.



Sterling Sliver Name Necklaces

 An eternal favourite, sterling silver goes with anything and without doubt stands the test of time.

These necklaces are available in range of writing styles from the fun and funky to the classic, or for something not so obvious why have your name written in arabic script?

Gold Name Necklaces

 Gold is a timeless classic, never dating and never going out of fashion.

Whether you go for a simple script or one with an ornate touch, a gold necklace is always sought after.

Lucite Name Necklaces

 Lucite lettering adds a colorful, modern and funky edge to a necklace which, quite literally has your name on it.

Great for teens, Lucite is available in a range of colors, making a pretty, but not necessarily girly option.

Grain of Rice Necklaces

 Go miniature with these clever and very cute necklaces which have your name written on a grain of rice, then have that grain safely contained in a receptacle hanging from a necklace - choose from vials, miniature dolphins, bottles, crosses plus a host of other designs.

This is a great choice for those who like secrets, as no-one other than you needs to know that you're wearing a name around your neck. 


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