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I Found The Perfect Sports Sandal to Recommend For A Woman's Narrow Feet

Updated on August 30, 2017

After Searching in The Store I Found Sandals For Narrow Feet at Amazon

Buying everyday sport sandals is pretty matter-of-fact, isn't it - get a pair of sturdy, comfortable sandals, and hope the store carries something other than dark brown.

During Summertime strappy flat shoes are all over the sidewalk, in parks, even in many offices, and on hiking trails, so I glibly began the search for a pair of my own.

My feet have been this big since I was twelve - in fact, they've been even bigger, and yes, I still have all my toes.

I wear a size 9 1/2, at least that's what my right foot measures. The left half of the pair could take a stubby 9 or a liberally long 8 1/2, but to satisfy the Biggie I choose the larger size.

Doing some internet research I learned that the average size woman's foot now ranges from 7 1/2 to 8 medium to wide. I remember a short few decades ago when my feet were called clodhoppers because the then average woman's size was a mere 6, like my elderly grandma wore. She used to crack up by repeating her favorite tease about the length of my feet by reminding me of my luck in having good understanding. It always made me laugh.

Like most women I became heavier over the years and my feet demanded a size 10 and ceased requiring a super narrow size. On our improved diets we've grown taller, and some of our rich and junky diets have lengthened our feet as they flattened our arches, from excess weight.

Not only does fat coat our once slim feet, but overweight has also gifted many of us with it's companion - water retention, turning our trim feet into plumb soggy pads. It's no wonder we are wearing markedly larger shoes than Grandma did in her day.

When I recently tried to buy a waterproof leather sport sandal from the sporting gear outfitting store where I had long ago purchased a comfortable and durable pair of waterproof leather sandals, I struck out. Already I'd been to another favorite outdoors wear store and they couldn't fit me either.

Once I discovered the joys of online shopping I was only too happy to shed the stress of running around from store to store, from shopping center to mall across town and in suburban centers, always to be told my foot was too narrow for their shoes.

There's just one further complication. At that outdoors and hiking store I learned that I have what is called low volume arch. That means that not only is my foot narrow from side to side, it's thin from top down to the sole.

One of the main reasons for buying such a sandal is for casual walking, everyday walking on the sidewalk, in shops, at the park, and on low incline trails. Stylish shoes, feminine looking footwear, might be fun and make me feel girlish, but that's not the point.

I want to feel stable and light on my feet. In fact, I don't want to feel my feet - I just want to use them indoors and outdoors, without a thought.

So I devoted a chunk of time to picking shoes and reading reviews. I paid particular attention to comments about the width of the shoes, and decided to reject those which one or more persons described as wide. It made sense, relieved stress, and resulted in my finding the perfect fit the first time.

All Photographs

© 2013 by Leslie Sinclair


What's All The Fuss About Buying Shoes

Is it easy for you to find the right fit in shoes?

You Might Like The Same Sandal I Picked

Women's Earth Origins, Swift sports Sandal KHAKI 8 M
Women's Earth Origins, Swift sports Sandal KHAKI 8 M

I like the style, and above all I like the three point adjustable fit.

Usually sandals, and most other shoes, ride a good 1/2" above the top of my foot, and I have to depend on an ankle strap or a Mary Jane type strap to hold my foot to the footbed.

But these sandals promised a comfortably snug fit over the ball of the foot, and a lined hugging ankle strap.

Top that with an adjustable heel strap, to prevent the dreaded heel slipping so common to those of us with skinny feet.

Rated 4.5 Stars in 17 Reviews, I made the pick. Make that 18 Reviews, when I write my own Amazon Review, and I give it 5 Stars.


No Breaking In Needed

No Breaking In Needed
No Breaking In Needed

Soothing to Bare Feet

Here in the Northwest we get to see a soppy television commercial about the homegrown Sandals With Socks Guys.

I'm one of them, have been since my feet first sprouted sprinklers as a teen. But it's nice to know the lining is so comfortable that I can go sockless anytime I want.

Securely Comfortable Toe Strap

From the initial try-on I knew that this sandal was right for me. The adjustable toe strap means that I can snug it up for bare feet, and loosen it a bit for a thin sock.

Since day-one my toes don't slip and slide anymore. There's no need to carry bandaids in my pocket, whether or not I wear socks in the sandals.

A Securely Fit Ankle Strap

It's simple to adjust the ankle strap. Makes me so glad.

Heel Strap is the Icing on the Cake

The only time it's necessary to adjust the heel strap is when I change from bare foot snugness to thin or medium weight sock thickness.

The Perfect Arch For My Foot

This picture shows the arch better than those on Amazon. The arch is not too high, but it's perfectly supportive to my foot.

Cushiony Lining

The softly textured cushiony lining provides the right amount of absorbency and kindness to my feet. For those whose feet stay soft because they don't go barefoot, this lining is a good choice because it is nonabrasive.

These sandals require NO breaking in. Just put them on an wear. I wore them right off to walk around the neighborhood, on my feet a couple hours the first wearing. I haven't even had a hint of a blister. Now that's comfort.

"Telling someone they can't wear socks with sandals

is like

giving someone a spoon and telling them they can't eat rice with it."

Socks & Sandals

A shoe that is too large is apt to trip one, and when too small, to pinch the feet. So it is with those whose fortune does not suit them.


A Mesh Version Sandal You May Want

Teva Women's Omnium Sandal,Abbey Stone,7.5 M US Women's
Teva Women's Omnium Sandal,Abbey Stone,7.5 M US Women's

110 customers rated this sandal 4.5 Stars.

I think it's a good option for heavier duty hiking than I plan to do in my Earth sandals. It's synthetic and many hikers love the benefits for air cooling and sporty use. I may get these too.


How Do You Regard Sandals? Are They a Summer Staple For You?

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    • takkhisa profile image


      5 years ago

      Not only summer but I prefer sandal for all season, it is great when I walk wearing a pair of sandals :)

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      I love sandals. I have the opposite problem of you. My feet are wide.


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