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SinuCleanse Nasal Wash

Updated on September 17, 2010

Luke warm salt water

When I was a little girl, I watched my father in the bathroom. He had a bad cold and he knew what to do. He had luke warm salt water with a tiny little bit of oidine in.

I knew the procedure because I had seen it before. And I still remember how my big blue eyes stared at him. He sucked in the water through his nostriles, dipping his whole face into the bucket with saltwater. Then he lifted his head and spitted it out in the zink. He did this many times a day and after just a short while the cold was much better! He also added more iodine in the salt water and gurgled his throat with it.

Now the modern sience has invented a nose bidé that has the same effect!

There is a really good instruction folloing the SunuCleanse kit but here is basically what you do:

Stir the water with a half teaspoon of salt.

Lean over the basin and turn your head sideways. Try to have your eyes looking down into the basin.

Now put the spout of the pot inside one nostril. Make it so tight that no water is spilled.

The mouth shoule be a little opened. Breath through your mouth all the time.

Tilt your head so one nostril is directly over the other. Now you pour the salt water from the pot into the nostril. The way the water takes now is up into your sinus above your nose and back into the other nostril and out in the zink. If you feel the need to do this more than once, go ahead.

Then you follow the same procedure with the other nostril. After you are done, use a tissue and blow your nose one nostril at the time.

Clean the equipment thoroughly. The recommendation is that each of you have your own pot in the family.

This is how you do

Other home remedies

There are other remedies for sinus problems.

One that I have tried many time is to inhale water steam with a towel over the head. The towel is there to prevent the steam from going out from your little “tent”. This is the basic but of course you need to add something into the hot water. Eucalyptus oil can be added with great success for a plugged sinus.

I have also tried Menthol in liquid form. It is strong so take just a few drops and try. You can always add more if you can handle the strong smell.

To pour really hot water into a plastic flask and then wrap it up in a towel or other cloth, put the package on your forehead and as the water cool off, remove more and more of the wrapping. I have one of those wheat bags that you can warm in the micro and use it on my forehead too.

Another remedy is to boil a few 5-8 cloves in one litre water and drink it over the day. I use to boil more cloves and then dilute the amount of water. Drink it for many days and sometimes this is the only thing that really helps.

At last but not least there are soups and teas to drink. Honey water (not with milk) and the chicken soup we all have heard about – it works! Garlic is especially effective for colds. But never heat it up. Raw is the best if you can. Slice it on a peace of bread and just chew!

Have you tried the nose bidé?

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    • frogyfish profile image

      frogyfish 7 years ago from Central United States of America

      irenemaria, your hub was right-on-delightful and gross at the same. But it WORKS! I have not used the iodine with the saline water, but that will be done next time...

      Thank you for an enjoyable informative hub!

    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 7 years ago

      I've seen Neti pots at the store but I've never tried them. I know there are times nothing seems to work, so maybe I will give it a try next time.