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Natural Ingredients for Dry Skin Care

Updated on March 21, 2013

Dry Skin Care

Any woman who has dry skin will feel irritated, because dry skin can cause premature aging. To care dry skin can use natural ingredients. Natural ingredients that restore the skin's moisturizes are as follow:
1. Rose water, lime juice, and olive oil.
To moisturize dry skin can use a mixture of rose water, lime juice, and olive oil. How to use it, are as follow:
- Prepare some drop of rose water, lime juice from one lime, a teaspoon of olive oil, lemon juice from one lemon, and one egg yolk.
- Mix all ingredients, stir well, then apply to skin and leave for 15 minutes. And then wash your face and do not forget to apply moisturizer.
2. Rose water, egg, honey, olive oil.
Dry skin will become very dry skin and itching, when the air cold. To prevent this, use a mask made from a mixture of rose water, eggs, honey, and olive oil. How to make it, are as follow:
- Prepare some drop of rose water, one egg shakes until dilute, one teaspoon of honey and half of a teaspoon of olive oil.
- Mix all ingredients mask, and stir until fused. Before applying a mask wash your face first, and then apply the mask in the face, avoiding the eye area and mouth area.
- Allow to dry, after that, wash your face with warm water.
3. Banana.
Because bananas contain many nutrients that are beneficial to skin health, the banana can be used directly to care dry skin without the need for additional ingredient. How to make bananas as a skin moisturizer are:
- Take a ripe banana, mashed with a fork until smooth.
- Apply banana on your face and neck until it forms a thick layer, avoiding the eyes area and mouth area.
- Let the bananas to dry, after that washing your face with warm water
4. Sugar.
Sugar and olive oil cares dry skin by making it as a scrub. How to make are:
- Mix one cup of sugar with a half cup of olive oil.
- After that, rub the mixture on the skin that has been moistened beforehand.
- Do not be too hard when rub to your body, because it will make your skin rash, leave for a few minutes, then wipe.
5. Honey and Oatmeal.
Honey and oatmeal has a very good quality for dry skin care. Because in honey contains many moisturizer, and antibacterial substances. While in oatmeal contains many enzymes that can soothes the skin. How to make are:
- Mix the honey and oatmeal with the same amount until fused.
- Dampen skin with warm water, and apply the mixture on dry skin, after that massaged with gently.
- Leave for 15 minutes, and then wash your face.
6. Bath with Milk
Milk bath, very well to cope with dry skin. Because milk can nourishes the skin and can also soften the skin.
Besides it, lactic acid content in milk can also improve skin moisture. How to use the milk for bathing are:
- Prepare 250gr powdered milk, some drop of almond oil, and your favorite perfume to taste.
- Mix all ingredients into the warm water in the bathtub, and then you entry for 15 minutes in the bathtub.
- You can also use of milk to your face.
- After that, wash your face and body, and then apply a moisturizer to your face and body...
This method can also be used for cleaning you face from makeup, and after the move.


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