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Natural Tagua Jewelry, The Perfect Gift

Updated on November 19, 2013

Jewelry Made From Natural Tagua Seeds

I heard someone at church refer to her necklace as "natural vegetable ivory" and I had to know more about it. She was always wearing cute and stylish outfits with matching jewelry. I assumed she had probably bought her things at Chico's or another high end place. When I got home I googled "Vegetable Ivory". Wikipedia says vegetable ivory is a product made from the very hard white endosperm of the seeds of certain palm trees. I was happy to learn that the product is natural. My mom taught me when I was a kid that ivory was one of the most beautiful but also one of the most taboo things to wear. One of the most interesting things about vegetable ivory is that it doesn't just have one look. As you can see in the picture there are more than one way to polish down this seed to create a natural and yet polished "stone".

Tagua Nut History

For over two hundred years artists have been using Tagua Nut seeds to create works of art. Dice, Mahjongg tiles, oriental carvings, and pipes are just a few of the things that have been created from this gem of nature. Before the invention of plastic this beautiful nut of the Tagua Palm was even been used to make elegant buttons. Many cane handles have also been carved out of this dense and resilient seed.

A Natural Gift For Women

This natural, safe product is the perfect gift for any occasion. Tagua Jewelry is not only beautiful, it is also unique because it is handmade. These items aren't something that can just be picked up at the local Dillard. Buying your wife or mother a beautiful piece of this jewelry shows them that you put some time and effort into the purchase because it was ordered from someone and it is handmade. You can also make your item even more special by how you wrap it!

How the Tagua Palm Grows growing, growing, gone

Many people think that by purchasing Tagua nut jewelry and items they are helping to protect endangered animals, but they don't even realize that it goes far beyond that. They are also helping to preserve tropical rain forests. The reason is because they are helping to provide a sustainable income for forest peoples. According to the web, renewable rainforest products, including Tagua, help to prevent the degradation of forests into low quality farmland and cattle pastures. Tagua product sales also help forest peoples make the transition to a cash economy when they are unable to survive in a completely traditional lifestyle.

It is rumored that wearing tagua jewelry makes you feel better.

How does wearing Tagua Jewelry make you feel?

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    • Laurahadges LM profile image

      Laurahadges LM 

      4 years ago

      I love jewelry!


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