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Nautica Perfume And Cologne For Men

Updated on December 6, 2012

Men's Fragrance Christmas Gifts From Nautica For 2012

The Nautica range of men's fragrances are generally classified as fresh aquatic scents, and are perfect for spring and summer. They also make ideal Christmas gifts when there are usually great bargains to be had in terms of price. You don't have to a snob though - any fragrance can be worn by anybody at whatever time of the year. Because if you like the smell of it, that's all that really matters!

The most commonly worn Nautica colognes around at the moment are called Voyage, Blue and the original in the series Nautica Classic. You will find all of them nicely discounted. If you want to try out their 2012 offering, then there's also Nautica Aqua Rush.

Let's take a closer look at them.

Nautica Voyage Cologne, 3.4 oz EdT Spray for Men CHECK PRICE

Nautica Blue Cologne, 3.4 oz EdT Spray for Men CHECK PRICE

Nautica Classic Cologne, 3.4 oz EdT Spray for Men CHECK PRICE

Nautica Voyage For Men

Okay, let's cut to the chase and start with Nautica Voyage eau de toilette for men. This clean fresh fragrance is undoubtedly the best of the bunch, and has received a great number of rave reviews. Voyage was assembled by legendary perfumer Maurice Roucel, and despite the Nautica brand not necessarily belonging to the highest heights in the world of fine fragrance, this scent even gets a 4/5 from Luca Turin in his masterpiece A-Z Guide to Perfumes.

So, how does this one break down? Firstly, and importantly when compared with many of the fresh aquatics on the market, Voyage omits any kind of citrus note, leaving a fresh fruity-woody scentscape smoothly transitioning from top to drydown.

Top Notes: Apple, Green Leaves

Heart: Lotus Flower, Mimose

Drydown: Amber, Musk, Oakmoss, Cedar

Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 oz
Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 oz

As I mentioned above, this is a well-constructed EdT which smells great, and unlike the vast majority of aquatics, does not punch your nose with sharp citrus notes. It was designed in 2006 so is still fairly modern, but can be worn by anyone. As a middle-range perfume brand at a generally extremely affordable price, this is a fantastic casual fragrance especially for younger men, in the late teens and twenties.

Probably one of the best aquatics you'll find for the price - assuming you take advantage of discounts you can find all over the place! For example, my last bottle of Cool Water cost about $40.


Nautica Voyage Video Review

Nautica Blue For Men

Nautica Blue was composed, again, by Maurice Roucel, and it was released in 2005. This one is a mild aquatic, with a fresh crisp scent, and nice for everyday use. Again, it will probably suit the younger guys, and its scentscape begins with fruits and progresses toward floral woody leathery notes finally settling with musky woods.

Top Notes: Pineapple, Peach, Bergamot

Heart: Water Lily, Jasmine

Drydown: Musk, Cedar, Sandalwood

Nautica Blue By Nautica For Men Edt Spray 3.4 Oz
Nautica Blue By Nautica For Men Edt Spray 3.4 Oz

This is a perfect everyday casual fragrance for the spring and summer. It's fresh smelling, so you can wear it whenever you want actually. I normally do note let convention hold me back if I fancy an aromatic trip back to the warmer days of the summer, while I shiver away the winter blues!

In my opinion it's not as good as Voyage (above) but a very nice unoffensive scent for wear even at college or in the office. I do love those woodsy drydowns though as the fragrance matures during the day from aqautic fresh and fruity.


Nautica Classic For Men

Now then - Nautica Classic. This one has managed to obtain a serious rep as being literally vile enough that testers have to actually wash it off after giving it a test run! Wow! I haven't used this one myself, but include it here for completeness. This is the original Nautica scent, and in the intervening years the fragrance house got its hands on a great perfumier in the shape of Maurice Roucel.

For the price, Nautica Classic might suit a teenager as his first delve into the world of male fragrances, and indeed there are some good reviews around. This one is not universally panned. The ones who dislike it say it smells like dishwashing soap, but lets take a quick look at the scentscape.

Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot

Heart: Sage

Drydown: Amber, Musk, Sandalwood

Nautica Classic for Men by Nautica 3.4 oz 100ml EDT Spray
Nautica Classic for Men by Nautica 3.4 oz 100ml EDT Spray

So, this is one for the youngsters. A teenage man just getting into fragrances and wanting something that smells "in your face" clean and fresh. Almost certainly a casual hanging out type of scent. Not really suitable for special occasion wear. For a date, spend the extra moolah and opt for Nautica Voyage, as both you and the young lady will enjoy that one far more!

Probably a good one at this price also for anyone wanting a historic perspective on the leaps and bounds with which Nautica has improved over the years.


Nautica Aqua Rush For Men

Aqua Rush is the new kid on the block, released in 2012 having been composed by Harry Fremont using a completely different approach to its Nautica predecessors. The new scent was devised to emulate the whole smell experience of sailing in the oceans and salt water. The result was a more complex concoction, which maybe delivered on its remit - and maybe didn't also.

The fresh and aquatic accords probably gives the wearer exactly what he would expect from the windswept, salty air and invigorating experience of sailing on the high seas. But it's an aquatic. It smells like an aquatic - any aquatic. It's nice in that respect, but not really something different and earth-shattering. So well worth a go, especially if you like Nautica's other fragrances. It comes from the same place, but joins all the other fresh water-scents by adding a dose of citrus to the mix.

Top Notes: Yuzu, Coriander, Sea Water Accord

Heart: Clary Sage, Mint, Violet Leaf

Drydown: Amber, Musk, Woodsy Accords, Teak Wood

Nautica Aqua Rush Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 Ounce
Nautica Aqua Rush Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 Ounce

Aqua Rush is spicy and fresh deepening into more spice a fresh mint, and with the compulsory woody drydown with musk and amber. The mild citrus lasts throughout which is nicely pleasant. It's a good masculine fragrance, but probably not as exciting as the ad, and the windsurfing. Time will tell if this one becomes as popular as Voyage.


Nautica Aqua Rush - The Ad - Anyone For Windsurfing?

The Nautica Fragrances - Which Do YOU Prefer?

Maybe you like one I haven't reviewed. Or maybe you're a woman and you like the Nautica female perfumes. Here's your chance to have your vote!

Have you tried any Nautica Scents? Which do you prefer?

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Feel free to drop in here what you prefer to wear in this genre. Do you reserve your aquatics for the spring and summer, or say to Hades with conventional wisdom, and wear what you want, when you want?

Which Fresh Or Aquatic Fragrance Are You Wearing? - Any Recommendations?

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