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Types Of Nautical Clothing Fashion Style

Updated on January 7, 2015

Classical Nautical Look

You may want to dress the nautical style theme this season. Have you ever thought of how it seems that some people dress so cool and look effortlessly smart in summer and spring?

The nautical fashion style makes it look so. The combination of such colors of navy, white and red makes nautical look seem clean, and at the same time, you can look both smart and cool.

The nautical style is a classic way of dressing which you can put together with just few easy clothing. You can make a couple of summer wears, such as, briefs, skirt, trousers and a coat in these colors and you can be assured that they will blend and match greatly to make nice outfits that you can wear as a weekend wear, office and vacations.

You can get a swimming costume in one or more of the nautical colors, so that you can create various of boating and beach outfits round it. You can create a celebrity elegance wear by combining simple garments, such as, a navy blazer and an ivory trousers. To create a glamorous look, wear strings of gold bangles at the wrist and gold button on the coat. Wear a two tone footwear such as black and white color shoe and a black/white bag to give a perfect look.

Put layers of fashion tops together in red, white and blue stripes for a sporty nautical stripy effect. Wearing shorts that has a bit of flare are exceedingly flattering, while the use of gold button down the side fastening will create the stylish, nautical ship form effect.

Create a Nautical Style Look

You can get ideas from several classical clothing in order to make your nautical look. A crunchy navy blazer, white trousers or a pair of navy briefs can be used to start the look. If you wear these garments on their own, they cannot form a nautical style, but when you combine them with scarves, accessories and stripe tops, then they can create the nautical look.

If you really want to create a traditional maritime look, you should look out for clothing that has sailor collars, or boat necklines. Clothing with gold or navy braid and a smooth gold buttons. The use of white and navy stripe is the traditional color for nautical look, but red can also be introduced when used with white or navy color.

Types Of Nautical Fashion Clothing

Sailor Collar

You can trim the sailor collar with ribbon, and top stitch or with stitch piping cord. Make sure that the sailor collar can be seen on a navy fabric.

Yachting Blazer

You will need about 4m of gold cord to create a yachting blazer nautical look, you can use anchor buttons and a badge to complete the look. Hand stitch the cord round the pocket flaps and lapels. This is what to do, add cord to each sleeve cuff, about 21/4 inch above the hem, by looping it on the sleeve top and tucking the ends into the seam of the under arm. You can then stitch on the badge and the new buttons.

Nautical Kids Clothing

You can make kids separates in white and navy by using ribbon trimming. Then top stitch the ribbon to the trouser hemlines and around the garment necklines. To create a stripy effect, you can set the trimming about 2-2.5cm from the edge.

Stripe Top and White Skirt

You can use top that has strong stripy lines. You can also wear a V-neckline with an inset section in simple white, to make a flattering and authentic design. You can team this with a simple, flare skirt to complete the nautical outfit.

Braid Trim

Just a few details can create an instant nautical look, such as a sailor collar dress or blouse. The sailor collars are mostly seen on flattering women clothing or kids wear. You can use a braid trim to emphasize the base color.

Skirt / Trousers With Line Up Brass Buttons

You can use brass buttons to line the two sides of the front of a skirt to look like the classic sailor trousers. Wear it with navy and white stripes swimsuit, or with a simple white blouse for a simple city look.

Kinds Of Nautical Accessories

There are many easy to find accessories that you can wear with the nautical style. You can gather cotton fabric neckerchiefs and scarves, brimmed sunhats and caps to make a perfect outfit.

Nautical footwear

footwear need not be expensive. Simple white canvas pumps with navy and white colors and two tone colors can complement the look perfectly.

Drawstring Canvas Bag

You should carry a stripy drawstring canvas bag or any two tone totes to carry your summer kit or just for your everyday shopping for a nautical fashion style.

White Bag

You can carry a white bag to create a cruise look, combine with navy sandals and sunglasses to complement the relaxed, nautical fashion look.

Beach Duffel Bag In Navy And White Check

For the beach journey, you can carry towels, sunglasses and other accessories into a tidy, smart navy and white duffel bag.

Navy And white Sunhat

You can accessorize your navy shorts and stripy swimsuit with a red neckerchief, sunglasses and any navy and white sunhat.

Nautical Fashion Trend Video


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Of course, CyberShelley, you are free to set the sail now. All well and happy with navy and white look. Thank you for dropping in.

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      Shelley Watson 5 years ago

      Love this bizwin, now may I please have the yacht. Up, interesting and useful.

    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      @billybuc, thank you so much for dropping in. I really appreciate your comment. You are an inspiration to many hubbers.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Well, I'm not going to wear any of this, but it was interesting and I wanted to give you some well done!