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Nautical Jewelry and Sea Life Jewelry

Updated on September 13, 2014

Sea Life and Nautical Jewelry for Ocean Lovers

Nautical jewelry incorporating boats, anchors, amd ship's wheels are always popular. So is sea life jewelry, themed around sea creatures and shells. I remember when I was a young teen, nearly everyone had a nautical charm bracelet, laden with anchors, starfish, dolphins, seahorses, and whatever else they could con their parents into buying for them. Marine themes and maritime symbols were popular then, and they are now!

You may know someone who owns some anchor earrings, or a sterling silver starfish or dolphin pendant. And, don't forget the occasional compass rose... that traditional symbol of navigation.

Pirates are now all the rage! Oh, my... Jack Sparrow and Pirates of the Caribbean, and just plain old pirates.

Here, then are some great finds in nautical jewelry, sea life jewelry, cruise ship charms, and even some pirate stuff. So, climb aboard, matey, and let's have a look at a few things you might just love - or love to give as a gift!

Diamond Ship's Wheel Design Necklace - Vintage Style Nautical Jewelry

This quality piece, set in .925 Sterling Silver, will be a joy to wear for years and years.

Nine diamonds are set into this ship's helm.

The pendant comes on an 18 inch cable chain, also in sterling.

Gift boxed.

Your Favorite Kind of Nautical Jewelry

What's Your Favorite Kind ?

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Nautical Pendant Necklaces in Sterling Silver

These are lovely nautical necklaces that any sea lover, boater, cruiser, yachter, or sea lover would be happy to wear. They feature two classic and much-loved marine symbols: an anchor and a compass rose. Both are in sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Compass Rose Locket with Working Compass
Sterling Silver Compass Rose Locket with Working Compass

Sterling silver locket with a nautical compass rose on the lid, and a miniature working compass inside

Bling Jewelry Nautical Encircled Anchor Twist Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace 16 Inches
Bling Jewelry Nautical Encircled Anchor Twist Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace 16 Inches

I like the simplicity of this piece - simple enough to wear every day, even with shorts and a shirt. One of the beautiful things about this pendant is that it can be worn by both men and women.


Some Common Maritime Symbols

Maritime Symbols Used in Jewelry include the compass rose, the anchor and the ship's wheel, or helm.

Compass Rose

The compass rose has been used for centuries the depict directional points. According to Wikipedia, cartographer Cresques Abraham was the first ever to draw an ornate compass rose right on the map itself. That's a picture of it at right, from his Catalan Atlas of 1375. Today, four, eight, and sixteen point compass roses are used not only as navigational symbols, but also in crests, organizational and corporate logos, and of course in decorative arts, including jewelry.

Ship's Wheel

While the spoke and circle design of the classic 'captain's wheel' is widely recognized, you might be surprised to learn that many of the larger ships build today (like large cruise ships) are not steered by a wheel, but basically by a joy stick type device.


Yep. Ships still use anchors, though in reality, there are more shapes than the widely recognized one that is familiar to most people. The classic anchor shape is used today not only in nautical jewelry, but also in other art forms. The Mariner's Cross. which is a cross that really looks like a stylized anchor, is seen as a symbol of hope or of a fresh start.


Port and Starboard are nautical terms
Port and Starboard are nautical terms

Why Do Sailors Say Port and Starboard?

Why are the sides of a vessel referred to as "port" and "starboard," instead of left and right?

Because, like north and south, port and starboard are fixed directions. Left and right are not.

What is to your left changes, depending on where you are facing. So, if you are facing west, south is to your left. Face east, and it's on your right. The points of the compass didn't change. You did.

Port and starboard don't change. Stand anywhere on a boat or ship and face forward. (Towards the bow.) Now, port is on your left and starbard is on your right. But, if you turn around, where you are facing changes. The vessel's sides don't.

Port is the left side, from a forward perspective, and starboard is the right.

Port and Starboard Cuff Links in Pewter - also available in gold or silver colors
Port and Starboard Cuff Links in Pewter - also available in gold or silver colors | Source

Nautical Jewelry at Zazzle

Designers at Zazzle are turning out new maritime themes daily. And the site has been expanding their product lines, too.

If you search nautical accessories at Zazzle, you'll find lots of jewelry items sfor both men and women, including necklaces, charm bracelets, wastches, cufflinks, and tie bars. Many of the items have options in shape, finish, or size.

For example, you can choose from three finishes and several shapes for the lighthouse cufflinks shown here. (The two shapes that work best for this design are square and round.)

Your Nautical Jewelry?

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Sea Creatures are a Fun Marine Theme

Humans have always been fascinated with the sea. The world's oceans, and the fascinating creatures that live in them inspired designers of adornments in ancient times. They still do today.

And people continue to enjoy wearing them.

Starfish, dolphins, seahorses, whales, and whale tales are very popular today.

14k Yellow Gold Dolphin Post Earrings (9MM Long x 7MM Wide)
14k Yellow Gold Dolphin Post Earrings (9MM Long x 7MM Wide)

The total gold weight in these post earrings is 0.85g. of 14 karat gold.

Most ladies who like nautical themes are also very fond of dolphins and dolphin motifs, so these are a great choice!


Jewelry on Cruise Ships

Especially with avid cruisers, cruise ships are a popular jewelry theme. Cruise ship Charms and Italian charms with cruise ships on them are worn by those who love to cruise.

Ladies love to wear their nautical themed jewelry to dinner.

On formal nights on cruise ships, you may see even a gentlman or two sport cruise ship cufflinks with his dress shirt or tuxedo shirt.

Cruise ships are also a great place to buy jewelry. Purchases made at sea are duty-free, so you could end up saving a bit on gold, diamonds, emeralds, and other fine pieces. For costume jewelry, the Gold by the Inch tables are always fun.

Pirates of the Caribbean Jewelry - Pirate Jewelry is still Popular

The fascinating series of "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies has reinforced the popularity of pirate jewelry in general, but Pirates of the Caribbean Jewelry enjoys a special place in the hearts of tans of Johnny Depp and crew.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow Dragon Ring Replica
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow Dragon Ring Replica

This ring just looks like a lot of fun, and it's very affordable on Amazon, too!


Pirates of the Caribbean - Aaargh, Matey! How do you feel about Jack and the crew?

Have you seen the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and did you like them?

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Have Fun Bidding on Pirate Jewelry - These Auctions are About to End

Soo something you like?

Place your bid now ... the auction for the item you see here might be over by this time tomorrow.

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      great lens!

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      I keep coming back it this lens!!great stuff

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      Very nice Sheila!

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      wonderful display. love that diamond ship charm

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      Very nice jewelry. I love the color of the Teal Nautilus Bracelet, lovely.


    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 6 years ago from Colorado

      Very nice collection here. I love nautical and sea life jewelry. In fact, I own the sterling silver compass pendant featured on this lens. The compass rose is always my top choice. Always nice to get or give jewelry for a gift. Thanks!

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      AlleyCatLane 6 years ago

      Good lens. I like the info on the compass rose. Only nautical jewelry I have is an inherited bracelet of signal flags which spell out I love you that my Dad gave my Mom when they were dating.

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      Nifty stuff.

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      Very nice - I like the look of this style of jewelry.

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      Great Lens love your jewelry :)

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      The cruise ship charms are awesome. I collect a souvenir charm from every place we visit. They're great vacation reminders and don't take up much room!

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      A brilliant idea to include nautical jewelry in your cruise lines, what fun!

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      Such an amazing collection of sea jewelry, nautical jewelry can be beautiful and classy.

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 6 years ago from United States

      I do indeed own several pieces of nautical jewelry. I even have a blue dolphin watch. LOL I believe those little sea horse earrings are calling my name :)

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      WindyWintersHubs 6 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      Nice selection of jewelry. My daughter loves starfish jewelry!

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      Wonderful lens. Thanks for putting all of these beautiful items into one place.

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