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Navy Blue Purses

Updated on October 3, 2013

Cute Navy Blue Purses

Navy blue purses are a great way to bring a hint of color into your outfit, while still keeping it simple. Navy is such an adaptable color. It is appropriate for business wear and can be very subdued, or you can add pops of color to it for a fun, casual look. It matches so many different colors that you can almost think of it as a neutral!

There are navy blue purses available in every shape, style, and price range. The handbags featured on this page range from tiny clutches to large tote bags. You can find generic brands for a low-priced option, or top of the line Coach purses that will cost a premium. No matter what your style or budget, you can find the perfect navy blue purse.

Featured Image: Coach Soho Signature Hobo/Shoulder Bag (Navy Blue)

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A small, elegant clutch is the perfect purse for an evening out. They are the best bag for formal events, and you can find tons of different options in navy blue. These bags feature a little bit of sparkle that dresses them up for your special nights.

Hobo Bags

Hobo bags are a classic handbag shape, with a short handle and a crescent along the zipper. These navy blue purses give you plenty of space in a traditional look. There are tons of different companies that make navy blue hobo bags, so check out this selection of popular favorites.

Dasein Shoulder bag with front layer decoration

Juicy Couture Karena-414 YHRU3352 Hobo

New York Hobo Handbag - Dark Navy

Coach Soho Signature Hobo/ Shoulder Bag Navy

Artfully Adorned Navy Blue Rhinestone Hobo Bag

Large Slouchy Hobo Handbag - Navy Blue

Crossbody Bags

The long strap of a crossbody bag means that you can sling it over your shoulder and carry it securely, all while keeping your hands free. These navy blue purses are a variety of sizes and shapes, so that you can find the perfect handbag to suit all your needs.

Tote Bags

A large tote bag is the perfect bag for a woman who needs to carry a lot of gear with her. They can be used for so many things - as beach bags, laptop bags, briefcases, or everyday purses. You don't have to sacrifice style to carry a tote bag. These navy blue bags are just as stylish as any other shape. You can even pick up a blue Coach tote bag!

Large Zipper Tote Handbag - Dark Navy

Coach Optic Signature Gallery Metallic Tote Bag

Baggallini A La Carte - Med - Navy Blue

Dasein Navy Blue Tote Bag in Simulated Leather

Kooba Logan KH12018 Tote - Navy Blue

Tommy Hilfiger City T-Quilted Convertible Tote

More Navy Blue Purses from eBay

If you haven't found the perfect navy blue purse for you, check out these current auctions on eBay. You just might find the perfect bag at the perfect price.

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    • profile image

      entertainmentev 5 years ago

      Navy blue is such a classic color and a great alternative to black. Great selection of purses!