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Navy Blue Suits for Women

Updated on March 4, 2014

The Quickest Way to Fast Track Your Career!

Can you think of a more appropriate suit for women than a gorgeous Classic Navy Suit for business or dress up occasions? It doesn't matter how old you are, classic navy suits and attire never go out of style. It's like a fashion investment to own a beautiful Navy Suit. You never have to worry that it will be out of style next year or even the the next.

Once thought the essential in women's wear, staring with 1940's classic navy suits have now and always will be a staple in women's wear. Classy for business, elegant for formal wear and acceptable in any occasion.

With a little bling, why even the women of the 1940's would be Navy Blue with envy!

What Better than a Navy Suit? A Navy Suit Covered in Rhiestones!

Rhinestones make this navy suit special. The set, front and back is covered with gorgeous rhinestone swirls. The jacket is 25" inches long. The matching skirt - 31" inches. This is a 2 Pc. Jacket & Skirt Set

Special Occasion Navy Suit by Donna Vinci - $359.00


Picking the Right Suit - It's about the Fit

No need to go for the old lady look. Navy suits come in all styles. Stick with what is comfortable and you will almost always make the right choice. If you are very curvy you may have a few limitations. Make sure to buy the right size. You should not look like 10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound sack. I'm not kidding. I was in a position where I interviewed a lot of women. The biggest thing I noticed is they are always trying to squeeze into clothes. Admit it when your clothes don't fit and stop trying to wear them until you can fit in them properly. If your seams are ready to burst, I'm in a hurry to get you out of my office before they do.

Suits should be a well thought out investment in yourself. Clothes make the women! You can be a fashion show on heels but make sure it is for the right reasons!

White and Navy Suit for Wavy Women!

A great Spring One Piece Suit Dress classic-and an all year round favorite. Donna Vinci's asymmetrical dress has a swirling spiral look, with flanges of navy blue and white. Accented by sparkling rhinestones including the buttons. The dress measures 45" inches long back to shoulder.

Women's Navy & White Suit - $199.00


What do you wear with a Navy Suit? Chanel 5, of course!

Women's Knitted Navy Suit

2 Piece Set Includes the Jacket and the Skirt. This suit shimmers with elegance! The jacket closes in the front and features a rhinestone buckle. The jacket is 25" inches long and is accented with navy sequins. The shoulders are accented with stunning rhinestones. The 31" inch skirt adds to the stylish look. Nice knitted material with a little give. Dry clean only fabric.

Lurex Knit Navy Suit - $229.00


Jewelry with Business Suits?

Go all out for special occasions, but for business interviews or the work place, tone it down with a watch, ring and a conservative necklace. Nothing more. Ringing, jingling bracelets aren't good for work. They are for play. If you have highlights or accent colors in your suit match the jewelry to it. Silver to silver, etc. Pearls are always appropriate and conservative.

Classic Navy Blue Pant Suit

2 Piece Set Includes Jacket and Pant. This navy pantsuit has off-white accents and is inspired by European style of fashion. The jacket is 22" inches long in back, while dipping to 27" inches in front. The collar, lapels, and hem insets are made of stitched off-white satin. The pants are gently flared with a 32" inch inseam. Dry clean fabric.

Classic Ladies Navy Pants Suit - $138.00


3 Piece Skirt Set, Jewels Included But Hat Sold Separately

3 Piece Set Includes Jacket, Cami, and Skirt. One of those classic navy 3 piece suit you will love to wear again and again. Especially when you need to look your best. The 25" inch jacket is lavishly embellished with trims featuring navy and clear jewels. The cuffs are faced and notched in pure white color that peeks out. It's just enough to add accent and elegance to this suit. Comes with a 30" inch matching skirt with flare at the hem. Includes the white camisole, which is embellished at the neck with navy jewels. Bra friendly straps. Dry clean only fabric.

Donna Vinci Navy and White Suit with Jewel Trim


Classic 3-Piece Navy Suit for Women with Satin Stripes

3 Piece Set Includes Jacket, Cami, and Skirt with has plenty of embellishments. The 26" inch jacket features rows of satin strapping in a curvaceous design, embellished with rhinestone edging. It closes at the waist the a jeweled and rhinestone bedazzling buckle. The front of the 30" inch skirt has rows of satin strapping as well. Features a matching sleeveless camisole underneath. Dry clean only fabric.

Navy Special Occasion Suit - $209.00



Navy Kit Suit with Polka Dots

2 Pc. Jacket & Skirt Set. Polka Dots in a graphic configurations are all the rage this Spring. This cutting edge jacket is 26" inches long with raglan sleeves which are cut in positive and negative knitted dots. The figure flattering front panel is cut in navy and is accented by oodles of rhinestones. The is also a rhinestone and enamel buckle that closes the front. The front panel is detachable giving the look of a camisole underneath. A classic 31" inch skirt is simple and stunning and leaves all the attention at the top. Hat not included but it is sold separately.

Women's Navy Knit Polka Dot Suit


Navy Blue Suit Knitted Dress for Puttin on the Ritz!

Shoulders completely caped in rhinestones make this navy suit looking dress a real show stopper. The dress has a slim fit for a very relaxing fit. The center back zip up and is 43" inches from back to shoulder.

Elegant Women's Suit in Navy Knit


Double Layered Chiffon Tunic & Leggings in Classic Navy

Navy Chiffon Set - $89.00


Not exactly formal but elegant non the less! This is beautiful chiffon tunic with an under layer of white for a bit of extra visual effect. Rhinestones and beads draw attention to the neck. Included are a pair of comfortable knit leggings. The top is 36" inches long. The leggings are 29" inches inseam. Dry clean only.

Jacket & Skirt Set in Imported Navy Fabric

Ladies Designer Navy and Ivory Suit - $169.00


A high impact, indulgent 2 Piece Set Includes Jacket and Skirt fashion statement! The 25" inch jacket zips up the side. It is topped with a wide, stitched collar which is bedazzled with rhinestone buttons. The skirt features a graceful uncommonly good handkerchief hem. The skirt is 25" inches long at the shortest, and much longer to the tips of its handkerchief points. Dry clean only.

What about the shoes?

Wear comfortable shoes that are appropriate colors for Navy. Black is always right, navy is better, but you can add some other colors, taupe, burgundy and colors that pick up accents in the suit are great. Try to avoid brown shoes with Navy.

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