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Neck Liposuction: No Pain, No Gain

Updated on April 3, 2010

neck liposuction may also provide an incentive for individuals to pursue a healthier lifestyle in order to maintain their newly acquired glow

  • In the pursuit of beauty, a price has to be paid. With wanting to look good through cosmetic surgery, you pay the price of weeks of discomfort brought on by it. One of the good things about neck liposuction however, is that it is less invasive compared to other plastic surgery procedures. This allows for a quicker recovery process without the requiring long-term stitches or other similar side effects. Patients will only have to deal with a head and chin band, and a few superficial stitches that disappear within a few days or weeks after the surgery. Patients need not stay overnight at the clinic or for extended durations of time post surgery. Those with sedentary-type jobs may return to work within a few days. Moreover, it does not require that many follow-up sessions when compared with other procedures.
  • As with many other cosmetic surgery procedures, neck liposuction patients will undergo a state of physical discomfort – tenderness, soreness, slight aches and tightness. However, patients who have gone through this procedureare usually surprised at how pain is kept to a minimum. It is more of a discomfort caused by the tight pulling sensation of the skin due to swelling. Other than that, patients usually have little complaint regarding the after effects of their surgery.  Also, the local anesthetic and sedation used during a neck liposuction operation poses lesser risks and complications than with general liposuction.
  • Of course nothing comes easy. Patients will have to put up with their discomfort for days and weeks, or even months depending on their body-specific healing processes; like they say: no pain, no gain. When they successfully emerge from this period of physical trial, they’ll come to cherish the fruits of their weeks of suffering. Not to mention, this is a great procedure in having fat removed while keeping skin, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels intact.  The outcome is a more youthful appearance. Unlike other types of cosmetic surgeries, neck liposuction has a considerably higher outcome satisfaction rate by patients.
  • One of the most obvious benefits from this procedure is that patients acquire a slimmer and more trim neck. Since the face and neck are areas the most prominent features of a person, people tend to immediately notice a certain glow with the patient. One of which is being given a more youthful appearance. Others believe it is because the procedure has given the patient a boost in self-image and self-confidence. It gives them the benefit of having greater satisfaction with their physical appearances and finding contentment in one’s exterior beauty. Self-consciousness melts away for some, making them feel more comfortable with who they are.
  • What’s more is that neck liposuction may also provide an incentive for individuals to pursue a healthier lifestyle in order to maintain their newly acquired glow. This should actually be considered the greatest advantage of having this type of cosmetic surgery done as it serves as a means for self-improvement both physically and habitually.


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